Protesters Show Something Interesting!

I sort of, kind of, maybe have a twinge of sorrow toward all of those idiot protesters that are campaigning and saying that Donald Trump isn’t the legitimate president. After all I can understand where they are coming from. What is interesting is the latest ABC News poll that shows something rather alarming.

74% of the people surveyed in that poll say that Donald Trump is accepted by them as the legitimate president. 18% say he’s not the legitimate choice. When you ask the people that voted for Hillary Clinton, 58% say he’s the legitimate president, and 33% say he’s not. When you ask Trump supporters, obviously 99% say he’s legit, and 1% (who was probably drunk) said he wasn’t.

So, what does this tell us about the election? I have a little different spin than the pollsters over at ABC. I read that and think that 33% of Hillary Clinton voters are too damn ignorant to understand the constitution of the United States. See, for good or bad, and it cuts both ways, we have this thing called the Electoral College. It’s there because the founding fathers didn’t think the people themselves were smart enough to actually elect the president. So, our presidential elections aren’t based on a popular vote. Instead, it’s based on a state-by-state quasi-vote, where each state gets the same number of votes as they have representatives in the House. That way, the reasoning went, there could be some control if the people really screwed up.

And five times now in our history, the president has been elected while losing the popular vote. In 1824, John Quincy Adams defeated Andrew Jackson even though Jackson had more votes. The same thing happened in 1876 when Rutherford B. Hayes beat Samuel Tilden, but lost the popular vote by 252,000 of the 4.3 million votes cast. It happened again 12 years later when Benjamin Harrison unseated Grover Cleveland but lost the popular vote by over 90,000 votes. Then you have to jump 112 years to the next one when George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore by over 500,000 votes, but won Florida by under 500 votes to win the White House…back in 2000. And then you’ve got this year. So it HAS happened in our past. By the way…John F. Kennedy DID defeat Richard Nixon in the popular vote in 1960…the dead in Chicago saw to that as he beat Nixon by 112,000 of the 34,000,000 votes cast!

What this tells me is that the people that are calling this election “illegitimate” haven’t been property educated. The education system has failed them because they stopped teaching the constitution. They’ve stopped teaching Government in school. They’ve done a really crappy job, and as a result, these kids (most of them are even too young to vote!) don’t even know that there IS an electoral college system in this country. THAT is why 33% of Hillary’s supporters are out in the streets. Because they are too damn dumb to read the constitution and figure out that this is the way we roll. Maybe someday they’ll wise up. I doubt it, but that is a Millennial for you…they can’t take losing and they’re wondering where Hillary’s participating trophy is for trying. Thanks liberals!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Yes, yes, and the cries for the dismantling of the Electoral College have been heard around the world. This comes up every time the popular vote and the Electoral College vote do not jive, and you listed all those times. Doesn’t it seem like there is ALWAYS some kind of drama going on these days to get the folks riled up and protesting? Good grief.

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