One Thing’s For Sure…

Here we are a little more than a week after Donald Trump’s surprising, and hard-fought presidential election. And as was predicted, the blame game on the left has started. It is going to be fun to watch this one I think. On one hand, you’ve got Hillary Clinton who is quick to point the finger at FBI Director James Comey for his on again, off again investigation into her email scandal (and also the Clinton Foundation Pay To Play scandal), that will most assuredly be on again after January 20th.

On the other hand, you’ve got a bunch of other folks that aren’t pointing the finger at Comey, they are pointing the finger at the Democrat leaders…Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and the like as the real culprits, and now they are ready to have a revolution of sorts. They are about ready to throw the Clinton’s to the wolves, something no one has been able to do since 1992.

The party rank and file has decided that the elite Dems did not listen to them when they wanted to take the party in a different direction than it had been in the past. They didn’t want some establishment candidate like Clinton. Instead, they opted for Bernie Sanders, the 74 year old firebrand socialist from Vermont, who in all truthfulness should probably have been the Democrats’ nominee for the White House. But because of the DNC being in the tank for Hillary, and doing everything they could to insure that would happen, Bernie had to trudge back to Vermont with his tail between his legs. It’s obvious with hindsight being 20/20, that Sanders read the will of the voters correctly, while Clinton did not.

So the Democrats’ revolution of 2017 will begin in earnest soon. And the broom sweeping will begin. The left is talking about starting a “Tea Party-like” movement that is going to oust all of the establishment Democrats from Washington and the state houses across the country. That is going to be a major task that will take at least a decade to accomplish. Remember, the Tea Party didn’t have success overnight. It took a few election cycles, and if you look at this past election, I wouldn’t call that necessarily a “Tea Party” victory. Donald Trump certainly is far more moderate than the Tea Party would be comfortable with. If the left is going to try the same thing to try and shove their party to the left, it is going to do two things. First it is going to take a LONG time for it to materialize, and while up and coming Millennials may one day have a more socialist leaning party, it isn’t going to happen soon. Second, and more importantly, it is going to knock out a lot of power brokers in Washington that aren’t quite ready to leave on their own. It is going to be a very interesting fight!

My overall hunch is that there is going to be some sort of middle ground that will develop in the Democrats’ camp. I don’t see them moving to socialism at this point, but they are going to be farther left, and more in line with an Elizabeth Warren or a Bernie Sanders than say a John F. Kennedy or a Bill Clinton. That is going to obliterate the moderate Democrats out there who are aging, still blue-collar, and working, but still looking for moderate solutions to their problems. With the GOP moving left to more of a moderate stance, look for them to pick up these newly disenfranchised Democrats. That means that you’re going to be left with a socialist party with relatively few members, and a Republican party that picks up the slack…and controls congress and the White House for years to come!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. I don’t know about you but I am getting sick of the sniveling and finger pointing already! Good grief. Time to move on Dems…I’m sure you have other issues you want to riot in the streets about.

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