What Does Trump Tackle First?

So the election has been over for almost two weeks now. The liberal idiots out there are still in mourning and are still crying, and probably will be for at least the next four years. But let’s turn our attention away from the intellectually challenged for a few minutes and focus in on priorities. It’s the one thing Donald Trump does exceptionally well…as was evidenced by his meeting with Barack Obama this past week.

Obama basically told him he was going to be in for some very shocking lessons when he took over the White House because as we say on the Board of Directors out here…it’s like changing a tire on a moving car. The government doesn’t stop just because there is a new president. The learning curve is long, and can be wicked. All of those things Obama said are probably some of the smartest things he’s said in eight years…all true. And what did Trump do? He immediately got to work staffing his administration, hiring the 4,000 people that will work in the White House with him.

But once he takes office, what does he do first? I mean, it’s tempting to say, “all of it”, but let’s be real. That was Obama’s mistake. He had a LOT of things to fix when he got into office, including an economy that he never really understood, so he never really got it fixed. Instead, he focused on healthcare, which wasn’t on anyone’s priority plate. It cost us all trillions of dollars in lost opportunities. Had he focused on fixing the economy rather than wasting 15 months on healthcare, we’d all be better off!

So, what does Trump do? Well, the first thing he SHOULD do, is on January 20th at 12:07pm, as soon as the Oath of Office is finished, is nominate his Supreme Court choice. Get that out of the way and get the Senate started on confirming the choice. Of course, it will be a battle because they are about to lose the judicial branch for the next century, and liberals won’t like it one bit. But get it done, and make the liberals the bad guys when they don’t fall in line.

The second thing he needs to do is get rid of Obamacare. This is going to take some time because you need to have something to take its place. You can’t leave the nine million people just hanging without insurance (and let’s be honest here…it’s NOT 20 million people like Obama talks about. That is a GROSS overstatement. It’s 9 million, of which 6 million had their individual insurance policies ripped from them when Obamacare came into existence. So it’s really only 3 million people that were uninsured that have become insured. That’s less than 1% of the nation!). Open up the marketplace to insurers all over the country and allow them to cross state lines. Do away with the 10 year exclusion for companies that dropped out of Obamacare, and allow them to get back into the individual markets immediately. Keep the two things Obamacare got right…the pre-existing condition clause, and the 26 year olds in the basement clause. Other than that, dump it. It sucks.

Next up, go to work on the executive orders. Tear down the multitude of regulations that the previous administration made. This would include allowing both pipeline projects to proceed…Keystone XL Pipeline, and the Bakken Pipeline project, which the Army Corp of Engineers is sitting on and stalling.

Save the immigration reform until you get the wall built (and Mexico is now getting on board with that!). Work on securing the borders, and when that’s done, we’ll worry about the 15 million illegals in this country…and no, they aren’t undocumented. They ARE documented. They have drivers’ licenses. Let’s just be clear about that. It’s time to lose the politically correct liberal speak. Those days are gone forever!

Next (and probably just before re-election), start in on the infrastructure program. Hire about 10 million people from the unemployment rolls and train them to build roads, bridges, railways, etc. Renew the infrastructure, but don’t fall into the terrible (and costly) mistake that FDR did. Do NOT make it a government project. There are private businesses out there that can do the job better, cheaper, and faster. Let THEM get the job done.

Then you can take a vacation!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “What Does Trump Tackle First?

  1. I think there is a huge…..LOL difference in Trump moving in to take office than Obama moving in to take office. I am certain Trump will learn and discover a lot. They all and anyone would. But, in a since Trump is pretty much more experienced in moving into the unknown than Obama was. Trump has been around and dealt with world and national leaders than Obama had. I don’t think the surprise or shock factor will be that effective against Trump as Obama. Trump is older and dare i say wiser. Trumps been around.

    • That’s a view of the situation I hadn’t heard before, but I think you’re spot on! While Obama likes everyone to THINK he’s the smartest man in the room, he’s certainly proven otherwise. And Donald Trump isn’t another George W. Bush in the intelligence department. Wharton doesn’t graduate dummies!

  2. Well Desert, before I read this post I thought you were going to be a one trick pony, just bashing Hillary and protesters for the next four years. Instead you have given me a lot to cover here. So let’s get to it.

    Supreme Court nominee, I think he should take time to consider the best person. True he going to nominate some reactionary ideologue who wants to impose Christian Shari’a law because this is a Christian nation after all. Bullshit, read the Treaty of Tripoli written by a known atheist, John Adams. Maybe your unwashed masses should check it out and learn something. Remember what Dean Wormer said.

    Obamacare, the Right’s favorite whipping dog. It brought coverage to millions of uninsured and we can argue numbers some other time. As for the policies “ripped” from insureds, they were crappy indemnity policies and the ACA set standards for coverage. We can argue the finer points another time. As for standards, I agree with you on those two points but should also keep the closing of the donut hole as this is vital to seniors such as myself who requires many medications and spends in excess of $6,000 because of the “hole.” As for the replacement, the Republicans have had over six years to put forth their plan, nothing so far, but Eddie Munster has a ridiculous plan to privatize Medicare. This must be stopped. Then there is his plan to convert Medicaid to block grants to States or as these are commonly known as slush funds to States as they very little will actually be spent for this purpose.

    Ah pipelines, the alleged permanent jobs program. The XL pipeline, one that runs through our country so the Canadians can export their”dirty” oil. This benefits us how? The Bakken oil pipeline has a previous route that was shorter, but for some reason a long cut potentially poisoning the water and disturbing sacred sites of the Sioux was a better idea. Why must we always come up with ideas that fuck Native Americans? If you do not support the Standing Rock Sioux the next pipeline should run through the cemetery where your relatives are buried and the aquifer where your drinking water comes from. That will not happen because you are white and Christian.

    Walls and border security. One question that Republicans have never answered or the unwashed masses that post here, what does border security look like. How do we know when we have this security? You have an answer or is it just another buzz phrase or talking point?

    Finally, public works projects, which you obviously don’t know crap about, but the I don’t know crap about running a radio station. Dude, when you attack FDR you attack one of my presidental heroes. Let us examine some of his failures, Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee Dam (helped some of the 1936 Olympic team), TVA, WPA, PWA, CCC (helped my father’s family during the Republican induced Great Depression), Social Security. Having said that, public construction is funded by both the State and Federal governments, projects are competitively bid with bonuses for finishing early and monetary damages for being late. Projects are bonded to protect the public’s money, something I happen to know a thing or two about. As for privately funded, the banks could not loan the amount of money required as they do not have the capital reserve. Of course with the Republicans taking over they could lower the requirements and I see bailouts in the future.

    Sorry this is long, but you dropped a dime and I had to respond.

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