End Of The Democrats?

The fight is certainly on in Washington among the Democrats and it’s always fun to watch the other side eat their young. That’s what’s happening now as the fight for Nancy Pelosi’s position as minority head of the House of Representatives takes place. And Youngstown, Ohio native Tim Ryan, who is totally upset (and he should be) that the Democrats have lost the rust-belt blue collar vote to the GOP is out to try and save his party.

His efforts will go for naught.

Unfortunately for Mr. Ryan, who as I understand it, is a nice enough guy, it isn’t going to work. The problem is that the Democrats are totally lost as to WHY they lost the presidential election. They are totally lost as to why they have the smallest minority in Washington in almost a century. People are fed up with their big government, tax the rich message. And they don’t see it. They don’t think they need to change the message. They think they didn’t get their message across. Of course, that was the same thing they said in 2010 when Republicans took over the House. It’s the same thing that happened in 2014 when the Republicans took over the Senate.

Over the past eight years, there have been over 900 Democrat seats lost to Republicans in national and state-wide elections. There are now 34 Republican governors. 32 State Legislatures are controlled by Republicans…13 are controlled by Democrats, and 5 are split in bi-cameral houses. That’s a pretty bad view of life if you’re a liberal Democrat!

And when then liberal Democrat wing of the party is bucking for more power, pointing to how close Bernie Sanders came to being the nominee for president, it shows just how out of touch Democrats are to reality. If anything, Americans are looking for someone that is more moderate, not more liberal. We’ve tried that, and it was an utter and complete failure. Barack Obama’s policies failed because liberalism always fails, and the fact he was a terrible leader. He couldn’t get his message across, and he had a bad message to begin with.

But when the Democrats feel that their message is just fine, it’s the way they tried to get it across that sucked, they are dooming themselves. Remember, in just a scant two years, it’ll be the Democrats who need to defend a lot of Senate seats. The GOP has 52 seats, and only needs 8 of the 25 Democrat controlled seats up for re-election to get a filibuster –proof majority. If that happens, and if Trump is able to turn the corner with some of his promises, or at the very least show progress, the Democrats could find themselves out as a mainstream party.

And to think…it was just earlier this year that the pundits in Washington were saying the same thing about the Republicans as a party, having nominated Trump as their candidate for president, and looking to lose both the Senate and the House. My, how things change quickly in our nation’s capital!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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