OOPS! Climate Change May NOT Be Caused By Man After All!


Eco-Terrorists that have been screaming that man is the cause of all of the “climate change” or “global warming” or whatever they’ve chosen to call it this week have reason to hide today. It has been found that over the past several months, the earth has actually COOLED by one degree Celsius (which is a LOT). Apparently the reason for the cooling, though the left wing idiots would have you believe it’s because of UN mandated climate change measures, it’s because of El Nino and El Nina.


Yup. That crazy current off the coast of Mexico and California that seems to play havoc with our weather patterns every few years is apparently the cause of all, or at least most of the crazy warming and cooling that we’ve been seeing. That’s according to the Daily Mail, a London based newspaper. They’re also the folks that get the credit for the attached picture at the top of this blog.


As you can see, when El Nino is in full swing, we get warmer temperatures around the world. When El Nina takes precedence, it’s cooler temperatures. And as I’ve personally said all along, it’s not mankind that is making the difference, it’s the earth. Mother Gaia knows how to take care of herself, and does so in cyclical fashion.


Any person that has any intelligence what-so-ever will tell you that 150,000 years ago, life on this planet was almost wiped out because of an ice age. Man had nothing to do with it. It couldn’t have been because of all of the people driving SUV’s and flying in jet planes…we didn’t have those things back then. And it couldn’t have been because of factories spewing pollution into the air…again, it was before that stuff came into being. So, how could we have had such a drastic climate change? And how did all of that ice actually melt and form the Great Lakes, and the Great Salt Lake in Utah? Well, it was because of climate change…NATURAL climate change. It had nothing to do with mankind. And it still doesn’t.


It’s people like Al Gore and Barack Obama that want us to feel that we are actually that important on this planet that we make a difference, and that we can actually fix what Mother Nature is doing. We can’t. The planet is going thru a cyclical phase, just as it always has…and will until the sun gobbles us up. I don’t understand why these supposedly “smartest people in the room” don’t understand simple history, simple science, and simple facts. Are they that stupid, or do they just think WE are that stupid to believe their nonsense?


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!