What Obama Left Us

In a mere 61 days, the Obama presidency comes to an end. And for probably a third of that time, he’s going to be celebrating Christmas in Hawaii (which means something major in the world of terrorism will be happening, as it always does when he’s in Hawaii). So, it’s at this time of year that all of the magazines, and newspapers, and TV shows take a look back at the best and worst of the year, I thought we could do the same for the Obama presidency.

During his tenure as president, Barack Obama lost both the House of Representatives, and the Senate to the Republicans. Not only that, there are 34 Governor’s Mansions that are occupied by Republicans. Do you realize that’s just four shy of having a 38 state super-majority (which is what you need to pass amendments to the constitutions…even though the Governors don’t get the chance to do that). During Obama’s term in office, over 900 seats at the state and national level have switched from Democrat to Republican. And now, the White House will too. That doesn’t seem like a really good presidency to me, at least in terms of politics.

When it comes down to the things he’s accomplished in office, there are few things that people could cheer about. He’s added more to the federal debt than the last 10 presidents combined. In fact, he’s doubled the federal debt in eight years. That’s a pretty remarkable feat. He doesn’t take criticism very well, and as such, he doesn’t take the blame for anything that’s happened while he’s been in office. He botched the overthrow of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. He botched the overthrow of Libya. He botched the whole “red line in the sand” of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. He continues to botch the Syrian civil war to the point that he’s no longer involved in any outcome…Russia and Iran are. He botch Iraq, where we had won the war and he couldn’t wait to get us out. He’s botched up in Afghanistan. He’s made a mockery of the Iran Nuclear Deal, which was supposed to deny the Iranians nuclear weapons, and instead only denied them nuclear weapons while he was in office. He sat back and let the Russians take Crimea without so much as a whimper. And he’s signed on to the worst trade deal in the history of the world in the Trans Pacific Partnership. Not to mention he wants to turn over “climate change” legislation to the UN. So as far as foreign policy is concerned, he’s become a laughing stock.

As far as domestic policy, which was supposed to be his strength, he blew us away with Obamacare…that worked out really well, didn’t it? He spent a trillion dollars to give three million people who didn’t have insurance before (less than 1% of the country) insurance now. Of course, they don’t have access to physicians and hospitals because no one actually accepts the insurance, but they had to buy it! And while two million of those people get subsidies, the vast majority also get a letter from the IRS in May saying they never qualified for subsidies and they have to pay the subsidies back (to the tune of $7,000 to $10,000!). He has had scandals galore in Justice, the IRS, State Department, and Health & Human Services during his tenure, and certainly helped in giving Americans the feeling that Washington was broken. He nixed the Keystone XL Pipeline, which his beloved unions wanted, because it would have gone through an area that the red-bellied quail or some such species lived. Of course, it also would have provided 25,000 jobs! His policies prolonged “the great recession” into an eight year stagnation that the country still hasn’t emerged from. He’s issued over 9,000 executive orders because he didn’t work well with congress, and will have all of them overturned shortly by his successor. And his immigration policy is an embarrassment to the country.

Yeah…I’d put him on the list of the greatest presidents of all time…as long as I could knock the other 43 guys that served in office off the list!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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