Draining The Swamp?

One of Donald Trump’s catch phrases the last few weeks of the presidential campaign was that he was going to go to Washington and “drain the swamp”. Of course, that meant he was going to right the ship and get rid of all of the unsavory characters that are there, right? Now, Democrats are calling him out on that one. Elizabeth Warren, herself a pretty large “swamp monster” is saying that Trump is inviting “the biggest monsters of all through the front door of the swamp”.

And I thought Hillary was going to stay in New York?

See, this is exactly why the Democrats have lost the House, lost the Senate, and now have lost the White House under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s rhetoric like this and that of outgoing swamp monster Harry Reid that caused America to hate the Washington scene so much. And to be honest, the media are on board, in full-on hate mode. Love trumps hate? Nope, not when it comes to talking about the president-elect!

Less than two weeks into his transition, Trump is being nailed to the wall by the liberal elite for not selecting a cabinet. But when you look back at history, going all the way back to Nixon, it wasn’t until week six that most of the presidents really got started in earnest. That would be toward the end of December for those of you calendar-challenged folks out there. That means Trump still has another month to name his cabinet. And according to everything I’ve heard, he’s ahead of schedule. At this time in his transition, Bobo Obama only had 1 person chosen for his inner circle. George W. Bush had two, and Donald Trump has five so far with Michael Flynn being named as National Security Advisor, Jeff Sessions being named as Attorney General, and Mike Pompeo as CIA Director.

So why is Elizabeth Warren crying on the Senate floor? It’s very simple. Donald Trump is putting people into power that she detests. They are diametrically opposed to everything she believes in. Of course, she still believes she’s still Cherokee Indian or some such nonsense…so you understand what we’re dealing with here, right?

Most of the enflamed rhetoric spewed by the uber-left comes directed at chief strategist, Stephen Bannon. It seems that people like Warren and Al Franken, himself a pretty large swamp monster and a much better actor than politician, feels that Bannon is akin to the Anti-Christ. They don’t like the fact that while at Breitbart, they ran articles decrying Gabby Giffords as the anti-second amendment folks’ “human shield”. Geesh, I can think of a LOT of nastier stuff the left has said about Donald Trump in the last two weeks alone. I mean, if you’re ripe for a fight people, let’s at least get down and dirty…just remember that Trump doesn’t back down, and you’re going to be in for one hell of a war. Just ask Rosie O’Donnell…the fat pig herself!

No, politics has denigrated into a nasty, name-calling barrage that actually was started by the likes of Harry Reid. Nothing is out of bounds, and the use of lies and mis-statements on the US Senate floor are common place (remember how Mitt Romney NEVER paid income taxes?).

Draining the swamp? I think Trump has already made a rather large dent in that. He got rid of the biggest swamp monster of all. Now just sweep the little ones in congress away and we’ll be fine!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Draining The Swamp?

  1. Well, don’t cry-babies have to always be crying about something?? They have grown up in a point-your-finger-world and they are just getting started on Trump.

  2. No, he drained the swamp and replaced it with his appointments with creating a sewer. Going to be an interesting four years. Suckers!!!!

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