Does Obama’s Last Fling Really Mean Anything?

We really should pass a law that says that after an election, especially one where the incumbent president is leaving office and the opposition party is taking over, his duties as foreign head of state stop. I mean, it really doesn’t make much sense for Bobo Obama to go around the world and tell foreign leaders that they shouldn’t worry, and that all of the agreements he has made with them in the past about NATO, about Syria, about ISIS, about global climate warming change, none of it should change. OF COURSE IT WILL!

It’s just another Obama lie that has come to be representative of this administration. If you like your treaty, you can keep your treaty! And the thing is, if Obama had the chance to tell Iran that the nuclear deal would be safe, he’d do it! The problem is, he’s telling tales out of school that a) he has absolutely no control over and b) he doesn’t know from a hole in the ground what Trump is going to do once he assumes office.

And while I’m sure Obama is enjoying one last flight on Air Force One, he needs to realize that he IS a lame duck. And yes, he IS still president for another two months, but frankly, you can’t be promising things past January 20th at 12:00pm. After that you turn into a pumpkin and need to drive down the street to your new home in DC. The White House isn’t yours after that time. Neither is the military, neither does what you say after that point matter to anyone anywhere. You are a part of history, and frankly, your part of history is going to be remembered by the line I mentioned up top about the treaty!

So while European Union heads try and figure out how to sock it to Britain and make them pay for their Brexit vote, and they listen intently to anyone of their ilk who is a globalist and socialist, and “one world”, they need to realize it’s as meaningless as looking into a crystal ball somewhere. Obama is the past. Trump is the future, and the present doesn’t matter because it’s radically going to change.

That’s the same lesson Democrats all over the country, and especially in congress need to wake up and realize. Harry Reid is dead. Nancy Pelosi is on life support, and over 900 seats in federal and state government have switched from Democrat to Republican in Obama’s tenure. California senator Barbara Boxer doesn’t like the outcome of the election, so she’s doing something typically liberal…she wants to change the rules to fit her wish of an outcome. She wants to put forward a constitutional amendment doing away with the electoral college. Of course, she needs 2/3 of each house of congress (controlled by the other party) and three-fourths of the states to approve it. And it just so happens 34 of the 38 states needed are controlled by Republicans! Talk about a bridge to nowhere. Why is she wasting time putting forth an amendment she knows has absolutely zero chance of passing? The answer is, it will make her feel good!

So, we reach the end of the Obama presidency with a whimper. And in the end, it will be the same whimper that will become his presidency once everything is overturned. About the only good thing to come of it? You will soon be able to buy Cuban cigars in this country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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