Trump Is Right About Hillary…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very firm believer that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but very fine. And I’m a believer that if you commit a crime, you should pay for that crime. But I think Donald Trump may just be right when he says he’s not going to prosecute Clinton over the email scandals because he wants to bring the country together. It does something Hillary Clinton knows very little about. It shows maturity, and it shows class. Hillary has neither of those traits.

The vengeance part of me says he needs to nail her fat ass to a tree and crucify her. But when I stop and think about it, I come away with a far different feeling. So what if she lied and got away with it? She wanted to be the first female president more than anything in life. More than a mother, more than a grandmother, more than a wife, more than a first lady. And she fell short of that goal. She will never, ever achieve her life long dream of being the first female president. She’s a lot like Al Gore in that sense, who also had that dream, and it ended up costing him his wife, his life, and his sanity. Hillary will self-destruct over this. There is no need to help push her over the edge. She’ll never recover.

Donald Trump saw that and decided to be the bigger person. I think it shows he’s absolutely serious about bringing the country together. To him, this is more than politics. To Clinton is WAS politics. To Donald Trump, it was a chance to make an early stance and show America that he IS capable of making long-lasting decisions that are good for the country. And so what if Clinton gets away with another scandal?

I’ve always believed that when we meet our Maker, we have to face the ultimate judge at that point and we have to account for what we’ve done in life. I don’t want to be the judge of Hillary Clinton, but my hunch is she has a lot to account for. She wears the fact she testified before congress for 11 hours as a badge. Somehow, I think this judgement is going to take a lot longer to wade through everything she’s purported to have done. That’s her problem, and her business.

So in the end analysis, Trump gets a big point on this account. He’s the bigger person, he is above politics, and yes, he has helped to drain the swamp of the over-bloated, crooked, scheming Clinton political machine. They are now damaged goods with no influence to pedal what-so-ever. And that has to hurt more than anything for them.

As for Trump, he’s just getting started. If he continues on the road he’s on now, he’s going to expose a lot of Democrats for the two-bit ego maniacs that they are, and the nation will be forced to watch. If you aren’t a Donald Trump fan, that’s ok…just realize this…he doesn’t get beaten too often.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “Trump Is Right About Hillary…

  1. I think there are a couple of things to consider here. If Trump made a big issue about going after Hillary; the chances are, Obama pardons her before leaving office. Then, it shouldn’t be a President Trump priority to go after her; he has a country to run. That is what the DOJ and/or the FBI are for; which is surely to change. Trump should stay out of their way either which way they go. Something Obama did not do! Trump should act as a competent and hopefully wise president. Leave the business of enforcing the laws and carrying out justice to those he appoints without interference. Let them do their jobs.

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