Give Me A Friggin’ Break!

You want to know what chaps my underside about liberals? It’s easy. They are the sorest losers on the planet. They can’t accept the fact that they’ve lost, and so they try anything and everything to try and “re-open” voting, or call for “re-counts”. Of course, they do it to insure that “every person and every vote gets counted”. Well, folks I have news for you. Every vote in this presidential election WAS counted, and Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was a terrible candidate. That is the fact. But still liberals aren’t happy.

They want Hillary to call for a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Of course, that gives them time to find bags of unopened “absentee votes” in some closet somewhere. And don’t tell me Democrats don’t participate in voter fraud. Hell, that’s the only reason Republicans want to have you show some sort of ID at the polls. It happens all the time, and still happens today. After all, they caught more dead people voting in Chicago again this year. They shoot each other, they kill each other, but they keep on voting…how does that work?

Actually, Hillary Clinton would be smart to ignore the calls from these so-called “election attorneys” (which must be people that only work once every four years). She has conceded. She has lost. And quite frankly, if she were to pull an Al Gore, the country would revolt against her worse than anything you’ve seen against Trump so far. Talk about tearing the country apart! You would have more than riots in the street…you’d have assassination attempts on her, her family, and her cat.

No, the nation has decided for better or for worse that the winner of the election, according to the rules of our nation, is Donald Trump. You may like that outcome or you may hate that outcome, but you have to live with that outcome. That’s the way the game is played. I can’t help it if your parents taught you that you are always a winner, and you get anything you want just by wanting it, and if things don’t go your way you can scream and kick and throw temper-tantrums until somebody gives in. But thems the breaks. You’re an adult know and you need to grow up, pull on your big-boy pants, and learn to accept it.

I can tell you that half the country felt the same way eight years ago and four years ago when Bobo Obama won not once, but twice. We wondered whether the country was strong enough to stand his presidency. Well, it’s still here, which is what I wondered the whole time, but it happened. And my hunch is, that in four years, or eight years, we’ll still be here after Donald Trump leaves office. But like every conservative out there, we held our nose and bullied through eight years of Obama. You liberal idiots out there that want to protest and get participation ribbons for everything will make it too. You lost, get used to it. It’s called life. It happens. You can deal with it, or move to Bolivia, which actually would be better for our country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!