A Few Thoughts On Recount

So, they are going to recount the vote in Wisconsin. It was called for and paid for by someone that got 33,000 votes in the state. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, who finished fourth out of four major party candidates decided that she needed to hold a recall. The main question is “why?”

I mean, let’s be honest. No one…not Jill Stein, not Hillary Clinton (who has joined the recount petition), not the White House or Barack Obama, and certainly not Donald Trump himself believes that the recount has any chance of over-turning the election of Trump. If that were to happen, Trump’s 1.2% win over Clinton in Wisconsin, and 1.0% win over Clinton in Pennsylvania would have to be over-turned. Also needing to be over-turned would be the state of Michigan, which Trump won by over 10,700 votes (and they have already gone through an done a recount). No where anywhere has a recount succeeded in changing the results of a 10,700 vote lead. And that was the closest race of any of them.

So, my question would be, Why would Hillary Clinton want to get involved with this in the first place. This isn’t 2000, and this isn’t Florida, where the end result was only a 500+ victory for George W. Bush. This is 20 times that victory. What could Hillary Clinton possibly gain by getting involved in such a recount? The only answer I can possibly think of is that she thinks there is still a chance she could pull off enough fraud to over-throw the American people’s choice.

My warning to her would be simple. Stay in Chappaqua and have another glass of wine. To try and over-throw an election which wasn’t actually that close (in the electoral college vote, which is the only vote that matters). If it were 271-269, OK, I’d get it, and yeah, I’d probably say she should go for it. The mere fact that she lost by 74 electoral votes. That is NOT a close election. And that is not an election that you waste money and time holding recounts.

If as rumor states, the Stein/Clinton team is planning on recounting Michigan as well, it is going to throw Michigan right out of the race because they will have to do a hand recount of the paper ballots in each of Michigan’s 83 counties. That means that Michigan will most likely miss the December 19th Electoral College vote. It doesn’t matter either. There are enough votes to make sure that Trump is elected.

The end analysis here is that a recount is a waste of time and money. Everybody has agreed with that. So why in hell would anybody do it? It makes no sense! The only thing that one could reason why this is happening is so Jill Stein can raise a bunch of money, pay for a recount, and then go ahead and use the left over money for the Green Party to use to have better recruiting up the road. It stinks, but it’s legal. We can fight it in the future, by never voting for a Green Party candidate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!