Why The Left Is Pushing To Ditch The Electoral College

I mean, you would too if your candidate won the popular vote and still didn’t get elected, right? But in all honesty, it’s been the system we’ve used for presidential elections in this country since our constitution was written and adopted. And for the liberal left that is all upset that Hillary Clinton got 1.7 million more votes than Donald Trump, the lesson is easy…get your people to move to different states!

Look, I am super-happy that Clinton lost the election, make no mistake about that. Having that witch in the White House would have been a bastardization of everything this country stands for. I don’t believe (and I could be wrong about this), we’ve never ELECTED a criminal to the presidency. Certainly we’ve elected candidates that have stretched the truth, backed out of campaign promises, and didn’t do what they said they were going to do once they got into office. But never in the history of this country, have we had a pair of candidates so ill-equipped to take over the reins of government. And never in the history of this country have we had one of the candidates under investigation by federal authorities as the campaign was going on; the only reason that they weren’t indicted was a political move by the party in power…hers!

So, the electoral college was devised because quite frankly, the founding fathers of the country didn’t trust the people with a direct vote to the presidency. Now, that was then, this is now. But the mere fact you’ve got a bunch of people that were supporters of Hillary Clinton that didn’t know any of the stuff she had been involved in, and didn’t care about the recent stuff, is evidence enough that the founding fathers were smart well beyond their years! Now add in the simple fact that if you didn’t have the electoral college, and all you did was have a popular vote, your state probably wouldn’t matter. The only states that would are New York, California, Illinois, and Texas. That’s it. So if you live in Ohio, or Wyoming or God-forbid any state in New England, you might as well stay home on election day because you just don’t have enough people in your state to matter.

So yes Virginia, it IS possible to win the popular vote and lose the election. That’s what happens when you have a system that is “rigged” against four states having enough of a population that they could sway the election (and three of them are heavily populated with Dems). And no, it’s not unfair. It happens to be the way we’ve gone about business in this country since we were founded. So, Jill Stein and her recounts, and Hillary and her sore-loser mantra, can call it a day. Like it or not, Donald Trump will be the president. Even Hillary’s campaign is saying that any recount isn’t going to change the election. The vote total in the closest state being contested is 10,747 votes in Michigan, and there has never, ever been a recount that changed an electoral victory of that proportion. Forget Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where both are needed to sway the election, and both have wider gaps than Michigan. This one is over. Get on with life and stop your bitching!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Why The Left Is Pushing To Ditch The Electoral College

  1. Well Desert, good news, I’m back and my computer problems have been solved. I non longer have to bang out responses on my phone which only Trump could use because only tiny fingers work for typing.

    A few things to respond to and the first is obviously the Electoral College, which as John Oliver so hilariously pointed out, is as real a college as Trump University. Contrary to your made up reason for the Electoral College, the Founding Fathers didn’t trust the people with a direct vote is nonsense as there is no historical record to support that statement. The reason for the college was that the population was spread out all over and the electors would meet in December after the election to cast their votes according to the way the popular vote. Please in the future you want to state some historical fact, check with me rather than attending the real school Trump has, the School of Making Crap Up. BTW, Obama signed 238 executive orders not 9,000 like you posted earlier. Are we truly living in a post fact world?

    As for making crap up, again you go with Hillary is a criminal thing. Repeatedly I have requested the specifics on her criminal record from you and you have posted nothing to prove your point. I have awarded both you and Trump the Joe McCarthy Honesty in Factual Charges award. It also comes with a case of bourbon a week in order when you constantly drink it you will be as lucid as the ex Senator from Wisconsin.

    As for the recount, the purpose is to see if there was any hacking, especially in Wisconsin where some counties relied strictly on electronic voting with no paper trial. Apparently some computer scientists have determined that some might not be right and want to check it out. No one is saying it will change the election outcome, rather the scientists are testing their theory. It seems that Wisconsin Governor Little Scottie Walker is unhappy with the recount as is trying to limit it. Since this clown was thrown out of, er, left Marquette University under questionable circumstances, something about ballot stuffing in student elections, you think he would want a full recount to show he has changed his ways. Guess not, sort of like Trump being more presidential after the election, not happening. Further, since the Russkies did in fact hack strangely only the Democratic computers and not the Republicans, we would want to be sure our voting system was above reproach, wouldn’t you?

    AS for giving Trump a chance, I have and he has blown it. So far he has appointed a neo-Nazi as senior advisor, a racist Senator for Attorney General, a reactionary Islamophobe as National Security advisor, a rank amateur who has no foreign experience as UN Ambassador, a woman who knows nothing about public education and actually hates it as Secretary of Education, a billionaire hedge fund vulture for Secretary of Commerce, a rapacious banker for Secretary of Treasury, a Senator who hates the ACA and Public Health in general, who has Big Pharma so far up his butt a new four legged animal has been created for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Senator Mitch McConnell’s wife for Secretary of Transportation and a New York society matron who inflated her resume for the U.S. Senatorial primary in New York in 2006 as Deputy of national intelligence. He has not drained the swamp, he has replaced it with a sewer. This and the cabinet is not even filled yet. Sorry, he lost my support for mending the country. He truly is a clueless clown masquerading as a serious person.

    • Gee, for someone who claims to be a self-absorbed student of history, you sure do have a lot of it wrong. By the way, you need to check YOUR facts…SO wrong on several items listed…too many to mention and I’m too busy to try and educate you. Suggest you buy a decent history book not written by some communist dictator and sold in a Cuban bookstore.

  2. Well Desert, like the Republicans you drop a dime and then say you are too busy to say what I allegedly have incorrect.

    Since the Orange Orangutan constantly spits out bullshit we all know is not true and the pussy Republicans won’t say it’s bullshit (Eddie Munster’s interview with 60 Minutes), who is to say my post is riddled with errors, especially Little Scotty Walker leaving Marquette with only a short time to a degree to work for the Red Cross, really?

    I would further like to add to my post on the cabinet, Dr. Ben “Ambien” Carson as head of HUD. Apparently his only qualification for the position is he lived in public housing at one point when he was young. Gee, I played Battleship when I was young, can I be Secretary of the Navy?

    • Well, you’ve certainly given me enough ammo for a civil war on this one, haven’t you? OK…first of all, I didn’t allege anything specific, because you never SAY anything specific. Case in point…”Since the Orange Orangutan constantly spits out bullshit we all know is not true…” without saying WHAT isn’t true or WHAT BS he’s spewing. Carrier? Was that what you were talking about? Or was it the fact that basically EVERYTHING the guy said would come true in the primaries (he DID say he’d get the nomination…and he did), and the general election (he DID say he was going to beat Hillary, and he did!) came true. What exactly are you referring to???
      As for the Ben Carson remarks, it’s amazing that you missed this one. Smart people can do more than one thing with their lives. Like you claim to have spent your life in insurance, and yet you also claim to be a pseudo-attorney. See how that works? Ben Carson is smart and nobody (not even you) can disagree with that. So does that mean he’s only good at operating on children, or is he capable of doing other things with his life too? My guess is, he probably can do an admirable job at HUD…and no, you can’t be Secretary of the Navy. I have already spent the last eight years weeping for our nation, and our veterans have already been through enough. We don’t need that black mark on our nation’s history as well!

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