Top Ten Stories Of 2016

I’m not saying you’ll agree with these. In fact, you probably won’t, but then again, it’s not your list, is it? So it’s with that in mind that I present to you the Official Desert Musings Top Ten News Events List of 2016:

10. RUSSIA AIDS SYRIA IN CIVIL WAR: Well, the US wasn’t going to wade into this one, not with a chicken for a president. And Syria’s forces would be fighting the rebels until Armageddon if Vladimir Putin hadn’t stepped in. The result? America once again was shown to be a feckless leader on the world stage thanks to its feckless leader in the White House, and Bashar al Assad got to stay in power. In fact, it was so bad that Secretary of State, John Kerry wasn’t even invited to the negotiations to discuss the Aleppo cease-fire! He found out about it six days before it happened, and was pissed nobody called him. John, they don’t call losers to the big boy table!

9. ID THEFTS: Oh, it wasn’t just your bank, or your favorite department store that got hacked this year. The federal government couldn’t protect its own employees. And Yahoo couldn’t prevent its users from being hacked either…not just once but twice. In fact, over 30% of the planet had their identities put at risk to be stolen because of hackers this year. No one was immune…worse yet, no one had any answers.

8. RENEWED CUBAN RELATIONS: It wasn’t all good news, depending on which side of the Cuban situation you were on. If you lived in Little Havana, it was definitely bad news. But under Obama’s guidance, the US re-opened relations, and an embassy with Cuba’s dictatorial leadership. Some people are even flying into Havana now for the first time in almost 60 years. Apparently, they can’t get enough of those 1950 style cars here in the United States!

7. THE OLYMPICS: The rumors that swirled regarding the Olympics in Rio were that the terrorists would attack, the venues were in terrible disarray and that the pollution in Brazil would choke a mule. They managed to get the Olympic games off, with only minor hitches…the biggest one seemed to be a few US athletes that wanted to trash a convenience store and got caught.

6. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS: The Cavs did the unthinkable this year, beating the Golden State Warriors for their first NBA title, and allowing LeBron James to give his adopted hometown of Cleveland (he’s actually from Akron) a championship that he was unable to provide the first time he was in town. The town, noted for its exceptionally bad sports teams, went nuts, as you’d expect!

5. CHICAGO CUBS: The Cubbies had been under a curse for over 100 years. Something to do with a goat not being allowed into the stadium to watch a ballgame. And they had become one of the worst franchises in terms of winning championships in sports history. That was rectified this year, when the Cubs beat (who else?) the Cleveland Indians for the World Series they’ve chased for so long!

4. IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL: It’s been called by people a lot smarter than me as the worst foreign policy deal in US history. The United States in an attempt to cement something that Barack Obama could hang his hat on that wasn’t an absolute abortion in the foreign policy world, decided this was it. Iran immediately took over $150 billion in cash, the US released all of the sanctions, as did the rest of the world, and Iran resumed its “Death To America” chant. Who were the real chumps here?

3. TERROR ATTACKS ACROSS THE WORLD: If anyone doesn’t think we are in a Holy War with Extremist Islam, they either are the most naïve people in the world, or the stupidest. From California to Florida, to Italy, to Belgium, to Germany, to France, the world was on fire with terrorist plots, and seemed unable to do anything to stop it…except keep letting Middle East refugees who have been the guilty parties in many of the attacks, to keep entering their countries. Smooth move, huh?

2. BREXIT: It was a very foretelling vote. The British people voted this past summer for England to leave the European Union. It was met with derision among the Europeans, who saw it as a slap in the face of the continent. But in the end analysis, it was only an omen of things to come. Globalists should have realized that their age has come and gone without so much as a whimper.

1. THE UNITED STATES PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: What was supposed to be the coronation of Hillary Clinton as America’s first female president, turned into one of the largest political upsets in US history, certainly equaling that of “Dewey Defeats Truman”. Donald Trump, who the polls had as trailing by 5% as late as the day before the election took the Electoral College in stunning fashion, winning the election, and leaving millions of disheartened Democrats crying. In fact, as we enter the new year, they’re still crying. And probably will be for the next four years anyway!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed….but have a VERY HAPPY 2017!


Could California Leave US?

Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency, the uber-left has been in a state of denial, a state of shock. It continues today. Actually, it’s really continuing in California, where the heavy Hispanic population of illegal immigrants who really want to vote and become citizens without any penalty are growing by the day. Now it’s reached the point where there is a group called “Yes, California” that is trying to get Cali to secede from the union.

I say, “GO FOR IT!”

California has become a pit. It’s been the land of fruits and nuts for years, but it’s become this socialist mecca of weird people. And if they don’t want to become a member of the United States anymore I say good riddance! Actually, it would be a boon to the rest of the US if they did in fact leave. You would be taking 55 electoral votes right out from under the Democrats’ to start off with. That would also take about 5 million votes away from Democrats’ campaigns as well, and you’d lose two Democrat seats in the US Senate and 53 in the House of Representatives. Yeah…that so far is a good thing.

There are some negatives. You’d have to have a passport to get to the pier at Long Beach, or San Diego. But you’ve gotta have a passport to pretty much take a cruise anyway these days. You would have to import avocados from a foreign country, but about 35% of our avocados come from Mexico already, so what’s the big deal? And of course, you’d lose out on such things as Napa Valley wine, Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines golf courses, Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and San Francisco.

The mecca for television programming would have to change. Maybe they could move to Reno, Nevada or Yuma, Arizona? Both cities could use the boost in economy! But other than that, I really see no downsides. If California wants to be its own country, I say let them go and let’s get on with life. That would allow Puerto Rico to become the 50th state. Yes, I’m aware they would most likely vote Democrat, but there are a hell of a lot less Puerto Ricans than there are Californians!

Look at it this way…there are all of those “sanctuary cities” in California that are going to be losing all of their federal funding when Trump takes office anyway, and California is already up to its eyeballs in debt because of liberal policies. So, what’s the big deal if we let them go? We’d also get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein! See…there ARE positives to this movement going forward.

So, I say we wave goodbye to California. We let them do their own thing, and say good riddance. The money we’ll save in bailing them out for all of their stupid policies that nobody thought through would be enormous. Maybe we could even set our current president up out there as their new president? Hell, he could serve for the rest of his life! And Hillary could be his Vice President!!!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama’s Remorse

You see it happen all the time if you are careful and watchful. Someone that is leaving a position that they worked their entire lives to achieve forced to leave for whatever reason…there is a tendency to want to hang on…to over-stay your welcome. And in the end that person becomes remorseful, and leaves the wrong way, rather than the classy way.

That is pretty much what Barack Obama is doing right now. You see this in his actions, you hear it in his voice. He doesn’t want the last eight years of his life to become an asterisk, and yet, there is little he can do to stop it from happening. So, he’s trying very hard in the last few days of his presidency to do something…to do ANYTHING to leave a mark on society that is longer lasting than just an executive order. And so far, he’s become the old high school football star that will relive his perceived glory days for the rest of his life, never looking forward, but looking backwards. It’s so sad (not really!).

He started off by setting all sorts of records in pardons and commutations. He’s well over 1,000 so far, and he’s still going at it. The funny thing is, he hasn’t pardoned Rob Blagojevich, his former governor of Illinois who was found guilty of trying to sell his Senate seat when he moved over to the White House. He also hasn’t pardoned Edward Snowden, the WikiLeaks guy and former NSA whistleblower, now living in exile in Russia. But he’s pardoned every drug dealer he ever knew, and commuted more than one sentence!

He’s also made a nasty name for himself showing Bibi Netanyahu that he was indeed the smaller of the two men, by having the US abstain in the UN vote against Israel when it came to building settlements. It was the old tweak of the Netanyahu nose to say, “See, I can still disrupt what happens in your country”. Just like the bully that he is…until he’s faced with someone who can kick his ass…then he turns and runs.

And now, from Hawaii, he muses that IF he could have run for a third term, he would have won. That’s like me saying IF I would have become a major league baseball player, I would have beaten Barry Bonds’ home run record. We’ll never know because in both situations, it will never happen. IF Bobo had run again, I doubt the GOP would have had Donald Trump as their nominee…and in fact, now that I think about it, I’m not so sure Trump wouldn’t have cleaned Obama’s clock, just like he did Hillary’s!

People like Obama are sad people from the start. Oh, they feign happiness when they get what they want…but only for a short time. They live in the past, not the future, and that’s what most socialists and communists do. They live in the glory days of socialism, not in reality. As they are finding out in Germany with Angela Merkel right now, there are a LOT of problems with being open and being a socialist. It can lead to a huge loss of life when you are fighting an uber-right-wing, 11th century religion!

And Obama will never let go of the past eight years. I can imagine in three years’ time, he’ll be on some street corner, telling people how great a president he was. But the truth is, he has replaced the likes of Millard Fillmore and Jimmy Carter at the bottom of the presidential list. He’s a zero. He’s a nothing. And that’s the way history will remember him!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ready (Again?) For Hillary?

We have only been a little over a month since the election of Donald Trump, and the “catastrophic” loss of Hillary Clinton in last month’s presidential election. And already, there is rumor out there that Hillary is talking about running for office again…the Oval Office. But the question needs to be posed…will she garner more support than she did this time around?

The answer traditionally is no. Ask Rick Santorum, who finished second to Mitt Romney in the GOP race for the nomination in 2012. He stunk like a three week old catfish on a hot summer’s day in 2016. That is precisely why America doesn’t want Hillary to run again. In fact 62% of independents and Democrats polled say they don’t want the 69 year old to run again. They say if you can’t get it done in two attempts, you should be out of the running and retire. Only 23% said that they would have somewhat of an excitement factor if Clinton sought the nomination in 2020.

That is pretty much the way modern America feels about this. I mean, you can go back into our recent history and see it. Harold Stassen was a long-time candidate for president, as was Alf Landon, both of the Republican side, and both big time losers. They became running jokes, not only in the GOP, but also in political circles of both parties. The same will be said about Hillary. She had her chance and she blew it. It wasn’t the Russians, it wasn’t James Comey, it was Hillary Clinton and her campaign team. She was a flawed candidate in 2016 with too much baggage and a campaign team that thought they had the Midwestern “Blue Wall” sewn up, so they didn’t bother to even campaign there once. How wrong they all were!

No, if Hillary were to seek the nomination again, I can almost go out on a limb and tell you that based solely on history, she wouldn’t get it. She would fail because of the fact, neither party likes to nominate losers to run again. That’s the one thing Al Gore got right. Oh, he THOUGHT about running again in 2004, remember? But he chose to sit it out, which was one of the only wise things he’s done in his career. Had he run again, it would have caused more heartache and pain. And quite frankly, who can even be sure that Hillary is going to be in good enough health to run in four years? Rumors abound that she’s suffering from advanced stage Parkinson’s Disease (though her own doctor dismisses that, there are several reputable doctors, who have treated thousands of Parkinson’s patients that say she exhibits all of the symptoms). If that’s the case, it will certainly be very noticeable in four years.

No, Hillary needs to go back to her boxes of wine, and taking hikes on the walking trails in Chappaqua. She needs to realize that you only get one, maybe two shots at the White House, and she’s had hers. And that if she really wants to run again in 2020, she needs to understand there will be more rejection, more pain, more suffering and more heartache…and probably more Donald Trump in the White House after all is said and done!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Stupid Quote Time

I really wish I could turn my back on stupid quotes. I mean, we ALL say things that we wish we hadn’t, but for cryin’ out loud, people! These people are supposed to have a modicum of intelligence. It’s too bad they didn’t show it! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some recent quotes that are just plain stupid!

Mark Halperin, Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor, on why Hillary Clinton didn’t campaign in Wisconsin: “[T]here were Russian troops on the Iowa-Wisconsin border that kept Hillary Clinton from going in. So, that was one thing.”

Lena Dunham, Actress, who continues to rant and rave about an election loss she can’t cope with: “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.” Huh?

Michelle Obama, First Lady, on her thoughts on the election (as if anyone really cares what she thinks!?): “Americans are no longer feeling hopeful since Donald Trump’s election.”

Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General, on meeting with former president, Bill Clinton on the tarmac of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix during the Clinton email scandal: “It was harmless. We talked about golf and grandkids. The topic of the email investigation never came up.”

Nameless Protester At Wisconsin Electoral College Vote, complaining about the way the Wisconsin Electors voted (and had to by law): “This is not MY America! You sold out our country! You don’t deserve to be in America”.

Barack Obama, President of the United States, on the so-called “Russian Hacking” (that no one can actually prove was Russia): “Russia trying to influence our elections dates back to the Soviet Union. What they did here — hacking some emails and releasing them — is not a particularly fancy brand of espionage or propaganda.”

And that was basically just from this past week. Imagine the inane quotes from leftists I could have come up with had I actually worked at it…I didn’t even include anything from Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, and that could have been a treasure trove. No, I’m sorry liberal left…we’re going to miss your comedy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

If Trump Is So Bad…

You know, I always take a look forward, but I keep a toe in the past because I like to know where I started from. Take this past election. I certainly wasn’t a Trump fan from the word go, and I’m not yet a convert. Oh, make no mistake, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have doomed America and we would have been another Venezuela in no time.

But when I look at Trump now, I’m starting to see something that is actually backed up by an anti-Trump organization. The Gallup polling folks, who decided to sit out this presidential election because they screwed up so bad the last time out, actually is showing something rather interesting. Now, you have to realize when I say this…they are about as far left-wing an organization as Zogby. That said, they are showing that American’s are feeling better about the economy today than they have any time since Bobo Obama was inaugurated the first time. Why is that?

Well, they feel, according to Gallup that Trump is going to do something positive for the economy. They feel that he’s already done something positive for the economy, and it’s starting to move in the right direction. Gallup rates America’s feelings on a plus/minus system. The best rating Bobo ever got in eight years (and you can’t blame all eight years on George W. Bush liberals…sorry!), was a plus 5. That was one rating back in 2015. Other than that, he was in negative numbers the entire presidency, the worst coming in mid-2011 when he scored a minus 54. Prior to the election the number was a minus 11. Today? It stands at plus 10. That’s a 21 point turnaround in a month.

Want other examples? Take a look at the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, not exactly the most reliable gauge, granted, but still a gauge, has increased $1.6 BILLION over the past 30 days. It has hit a new high seven times…and is about to go through the 20,000 barrier for the first time in history. Now, what caused that? It wasn’t Obama’s numbers. They are still pretty frightful when you look at it. It was the outlook for the future…which is strange because if you recall on election night, there was a time the futures market for the DJIA was plummeting, some 800 points when it looked like Trump would win. Why the big turnaround? The Dow, quite honestly, appreciates results. They haven’t had any with Obama. They’re getting the promise of them with Trump.

More bad news for Obama? Yup, the REAL unemployment number (this is the number of people that are out of work, not the people that are still looking for work), isn’t anywhere near the 4.7% that Obama touts. It’s 9.1%. The workforce? It’s at its lowest level since before World War II. What about people with “good paying jobs” (as defined by the people). It stands at a meager 48.1%. And people that are actually HAPPY with their jobs? 31%. That is NOT an America that feels the current president has done a good job.

So, if Trump is SO bad for America, why are all of these numbers already better than Obama? One simple reason. Most Americans were screaming for change. They feel they are going to get it with Trump. He has a chance to show them he’s capable. If he doesn’t do it, watch those numbers plummet. But right now, the numbers are betting he’s going to get it done. Give the guy a chance…you may be surprised by what he does!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Not Forget…

Merry Christmas to you and yours. It feels nice to say that, doesn’t it? It has a MUCH nicer ring than “Happy Holidays”, or some other meaningless banter the left wants us to use. And that’s what we need to realize and talk about today. It’s Christmas. It’s also Hanukkah, but for Christians, it’s one of the two most important days of the year. Let’s not forget why we celebrate Christmas.

We aren’t getting the day off work tomorrow because we got new toys or clothes or bling to play with or show off. We don’t get the day off of work because we have really busted our rear ends in December, and we’re getting rewarded with a day off tomorrow, and another day off next Monday. This holiday is about one thing and one thing only.

You are getting the day off tomorrow to celebrate the fact that a very long time ago, in a place you probably would view as inhospitable, a child was born in a manger. That means the child was born in a barn…with animals all around Him. That child grew up, knowing that He was going to face an early death. A death that was going to be exceptionally painful, made worse because He was going to lump all of the sins of all of the people on earth, and those not even close to being born yet onto His broad shoulders. He was going to have nails driven into His hands and feet, and crucified until He suffocated. He was mocked and scorned, and put between two common thieves. And He forgave us for that treatment. He forgave us for the sins we committed, not just up to that point, but for all time. And all we had to do in exchange was ask for forgiveness. All we had to do was accept Him as our Lord and Savior. We didn’t have to contribute to his political party. We didn’t have to vote for Him in some popularity contest. He didn’t care about that.

And in this day and age, we have more and more people that turn their back on that gift. They’d prefer to think they know better how to lead their own lives. They would like to think that spending an hour once or twice a week in church is a waste of time. They would like to believe that talking to some “unknown” being as if they are in the room with us is foolishness. Sorry. I don’t believe it’s foolishness. And I don’t believe that Jesus Christ is in the room with me. I believe His Holy Spirit is in my heart. And I do believe that He hears me. And I do believe He listens. And I do believe He cares.

And this is one of just a handful of days that we humans, have to set aside a day to pray about what He did for us back then, and what He continues to do for us today. He has prepared our souls to be eternal, even though our flesh isn’t. We need to remember that. We need to give thanks for His sacrifice. We need to celebrate His birthday.

And THAT, Virginia, is why we celebrate Christmas!

Carry on world…but in this case, you are NEVER dismissed!