Did Hillary Break “The Deal”?

So, before the election results were finalized. Before most of us went to the poll on November 8th, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump worked out a deal. It basically said that when the Associated Press announced a winner in the campaign…and NOT before…the loser would call the winner and concede within 15 minutes. That would allow the winner to go to their big gathering and declare victory.

And that was what happened on November 9th at about 2:45am.

And now it seems Hillary Clinton wants to back out of the The Deal. Apparently so, since she’s backing Jill Stein’s scatter-brained idea of wanting to have recounts in three states, even though every single person out there says there is no way in hell that any of the three leads will be changed. It begs the question, and I would welcome an answer from the more liberal of you…why in hell hold a recount if nothing is going to change? What’s the real reason you would make all of these people go through all of the work, and you know going in that nothing is going to change? Is it to keep the story of the Clintons alive for a few more weeks? Is it to give them enough time to print and stuff more ballots? I mean, I’m not accusing them of voter fraud (oh…wait…I already did that!), I’m saying why in hell would you do something so stupid if you know, if EVERYONE knows there isn’t a chance in hell that Hillary Clinton is going to win the presidency? I’m waiting for anyone’s response on this one!

The second point here is, why would Hillary make such a big deal about Donald Trump not recognizing the results of the election (which she did after the third and final debate), and then she herself is the one that doesn’t recognize the results of the election? Again, what is the point? Why would you make a deal only to break the deal? She DID live up to it in the fact that she called within 15 minutes of AP announcing Trump as the winner. But why would she back out, especially when there is no conceivable evidence that there was any wrong-doing in any of the three states Jill Stein reportedly wants to have recounted? Add to that that neither Wisconsin NOR Michigan are going to be able to have it done by the federally mandated date of December 13th. And both doubt they can have it done by the day the Electoral College meets (December 19th).

Donald Trump has taken a crap load of abuse because of a Tweet he sent over the weekend, saying he would have won the popular vote had millions not voted illegally. Well, I don’t know about that one. Frankly, he has no proof of it, and he’s been chastised for the Tweet. But truth be told here, Stein’s whole recall effort is not based in fact either. It’s totally unsubstantiated. Nobody in the great white north of Wisconsin or Michigan has claimed they were disenfranchised. Nobody in any of the three states have said anything about being “hacked”, which is a physical impossibility in both Michigan and Wisconsin since they use paper ballots. So what’s the rush for a recount, and why would Hillary back down from her deal? Anyone….anyone….Buehler?….Buehler?

Yeah…I didn’t think there’d be an answer to that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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