What Would Happen IF…

It DOES beg the question…what in the world would happen IF Hillary Clinton, on this late date were able to actually steal an election she clearly and legally lost? What type of chaos would be foisted on the American public so that this almost-seventy-something grandmother, with hips wider than a semi and a cackling shriek of a voice were to steal the White House? I can tell you it wouldn’t be pretty.

Let’s just take a look at what would happen IF Jill Stein’s misguided and totally inane effort to hold a recall in three states were to change the election results.

First of all, Hillary Clinton would have less than a month to fill over 4,000 positions. Oh, she COULD keep everyone serving in the Obama administration in place until she replaced them. That would probably be the logical thing to do, except that the higher ups have probably already accepted jobs…real jobs or at least lobbyist jobs. So, there would have to be this rush to vet everybody, hold interviews (unless she’s already been doing that), and naming her cabinet in very short order. It would indeed be comedy and chaos!

Then there’s the actual transition. While it could be just as simple as Bobo moving his family out of the White House, and Hillary moving in (I doubt she’s going to move Chelsea and Bill in with her…they haven’t lived together for quite some time on a regular basis), it’s a lot more complicated than that. You’ve got to plan the inauguration, you’ve got to plan the balls, send out the invitations to everyone that gave you money, and hope some of them show up…it’s a real dog and pony show.

And then you get down to governing. And that is where the real fun begins. You will have a Republican House and a Republican Senate, and you are going to have to try and get something…ANYTHING through congress. And they are going to think you are the illegitimate president and shouldn’t be there (and they’d be right). So, you are going to have to really either moderate your campaign stances, which will piss off the people that voted for you, or accept the fact you aren’t going to get anything done in the White House. You think George W. Bush was “illegitimate”? Wait until this occurs!

Oh…I almost forgot. You’ve got the American people. They’ve accepted (well, most of them have) Donald Trump as their president, and you’re going to tell them they were wrong all along and now Hillary Clinton is going to be president? Really? And you don’t think that is going to be a problem? I can see about 60 million people that voted for Donald Trump getting more than a little upset. You think the protests all of those loser Millennials put on made the news? Wait until you get an armed insurrection by the right (remember…they’re all gun nuts!). You’re going to have a friggin’ revolution on your hands. And it’ll take a better performance than Madonna singing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” to get out of this one!

No, somehow Hillary should have said that for the good of the country (something she knows nothing about), she wouldn’t back a recount effort in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. She should have taken the high road. But she’s Hillary Clinton. She’s totally unaware there even IS a high road!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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