Now For Something A LOT Different

It hit me the other day. My wife was watching an Adam Sandler movie about a girl that wakes up every day and doesn’t remember anything from the day before…and of course, he’s in love with her. So every day he must get her to fall in love with him all over again. It’s kinda like the romantic comedy meets Groundhog Day…wait…that WAS a romantic comedy, wasn’t it?

Well, it got me to thinking why I absolutely hate romantic comedies. I’m a softie at heart. I get thinking about the defining moment in my life and the absolute one moment when my life came together. If you please allow me the ability to get a little maudlin, I’ll relate it.

October 29, 1977 was the date. The girl I was in love with wasn’t sure she was in love with me. We had been dating on and off for a year and a half. We were in college at Ohio University in Athens (NOT Ohio State!). And I don’t know if you know anything about Halloween weekend in Athens, but it’s one HUGE party. Well, we were uptown partying that night, and went back to her room. She fell asleep after telling me that she didn’t want to go on a vacation with me over Christmas break because she was seeing another guy. I went to her desk about 2am, wrote a note that said, “Sorry, I can’t take the competition. Have a great life!” As I hit the door to leave, she woke up and said, “Wait, don’t go! I have to talk to this other guy and tell him I’d rather be with you!” I told her that she was tired and she needed to sleep on a decision like that.

I told her that I’d be at the TV station at 6am the next day to do a shift and that if she still felt that way when she woke up, I’d be there till noon and then I was going to pack the car and head back to Michigan. I was convinced that I couldn’t stay at O.U. I got to the TV station at 5:30am on October 30, 1977, got off the elevator, and she was sitting there waiting for me. While I went home and got a few hours’ sleep, she got up and went to the TV station and waited all night for me. THAT was the defining moment in my life. Without that event happening, nothing else that has happened in my life would have happened or would have mattered as much as it did. And every time I see a romantic comedy, I see that scene playing out, except that it plays out differently. She’s not there when I get off the elevator, and she doesn’t show up. How different my life would have been.

She has been my rock, my best friend, my lover, my wife all these years. I can’t imagine going through the last 38 years without her by my side. Happy Anniversary honey. I’ve loved you since before we were born because we were meant to be together…and besides…you always said you wanted to marry a DJ!

OK…enough of the personal rant. Back to the politics tomorrow! I promise!!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


12 thoughts on “Now For Something A LOT Different

  1. Well Desert, allow Diane and myself to offer our congratulations to you and Ms. Desert on your anniversary.

    On a personal note, I would like to congratulate Ohio University on their recent football loss. Go team! Meanwhile, Diane, who is really not a sports fan, is revelling in last night’s big win by U Dub over Colorado. Will the Huskies make the playoffs or will the NCAA find a way to freeze them out?

    Watch this space.

    • Thanks Snarky. Appreciate the well wishes! As for OU, they WERE up against the #15 team in the country! And yes…the NCAA will freeze out the Huskies. It’s a communist conspiracy!

  2. I forgot, my favorite romantic comedies are About Last Night, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Jim Belushi version, Mr. and Mrs Smith and for the Holiday season, Home For the Holidays.

    Again congratulations.

  3. Congratulations!
    I loved what you have beautifully written! It was short and yet just as I do in any good movie, I ALMOST CRIED! If it had longer and packed with more details I am certain they would have been flowing.

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