The Insanity of Jill Stein

We all know what the definition of insanity is, right? When you do something over and over again, and expect different results? Well, that’s what apparently Jill Stein is putting to the test as she tries to overturn Donald Trump’s election. Why? Geesh, what am I a swami? You’d have to ask her!

The whole election recount thing that has become what Jill Stein has become famous for (as opposed to running for president in the first place) is over because Pennsylvania told the Green Party it would cost them $1 million up front to pay for the state-wide recount. Add into that amount the expense of lawyers, accountants, and hangers-on who drain the kitty, and Stein would have needed in excess of $9 million. She only has $7.5 million in the bank. So she and her party have decided NOT to recount Pennsylvania.

That means that there is no way (not that there ever WAS a way) to over-turn the election. Stein needed to win recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, AND Pennsylvania in order to carry off the upset of the upset. In the end, she’s left holding several million dollars that won’t be spent, and a wasted effort in Wisconsin (Michigan is still debating whether or not to follow through with the Secretary of State’s decision to NOT do a recount).

So it begs the question, why did Jill Stein want to do this charade in the first place? What was in it for her? Was it added publicity? I mean, more people probably heard about her since the election than during the campaign. I wouldn’t think it would have been in a good way either. She’s become the poster child for insanity. There has historically NEVER been an election that was overturned by the number of votes she needed to overturn. In fact, since 2000, there have been a total of 27 recounts taken state-wide in various states. Of those, it has changed the election results three times. That’s a one-in-nine chance of it happening…and in all of those cases (the most famous of which was Al Franken’s re-election as Senator from Minnesota), the vote count was a lot closer than the 10,700 vote spread Trump beat Clinton by in Michigan. In fact, the largest vote count to be found in error was in Florida in 2000 for the presidential race. George W. Bush initially won the state by over 1,500 votes. When it was done, he won it by just over 500 votes.

If you want to look at why Jill Stein is doing this, look at Jill Stein. She and her Green Party cost Hillary Clinton the election. In each of those three states Stein’s vote count would have given Hillary the win, and the electoral votes to win the election. Of course that sometimes happens in presidential elections when a third party candidate screws it up for one side or another. Go back to 1992 and 1996. In 1992, Ross Perot’s Reform Party got 19 million votes, and would have given the victory to George HW Bush over Bill Clinton. In 1996, Perot got almost 8 million votes and it would have given the victory to Bob Dole over Bill Clinton. Either way, Jill Stein should blame herself for Hillary’s loss. No one else!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “The Insanity of Jill Stein

  1. HA! I was wondering when you might do a piece on Stein! She is a a bit cocked left of center that one!! Good grief…How in the world do these folks get elected in the first place?? Rhetorical question of course.

    BTW, you ‘dismissed’ us all twice on this post…trying to tell us something?? HAHAHAHA! 😉

      • 😂😂😂 And no, for some reason I was thinking about her ‘runs’ for Governor and then for President and just vomited out ‘elected’ when I should have said how does she keep running and think she will get elected. See, I am the reason rumors get started! Just can’t get good help these days! Geezzzzzze!! 😂😂

      • That’s OK, Lorra! There are some people in this world that love the chase, but hate the work. I think Jill may be one of them. They want to run for office…for ANY office, but probably are breathing a sigh of relief that they didn’t win. Maybe that’s why she runs as a third party candidate for everything? Just me psycho-analyzing here…I gotta put my psychology minor to use somehow!

  2. Well Desert, apparently your conservative riddled brain has interfered with reality as apparently the same has for your gerbils.

    Jill Stein was not trying to overturn the election, which she said on numerous ocassions, is obvious by subsequent posts as you continually rag on it. WE have accepted a minority president who is borderline mentally ill according to the DSM (look it up). Rather, Ms. Stein was contacted by some computer scientists, you know, smart people, who according to algorithms seem to indicate voting irregularities in three major States, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The scientists could not prove it but a recount would have either confirmed, which would require further research, you know, facts, or would be nothing.

    The curious thing is why the Trump campaign fought a recount in an election they won, especially considering the possibility of some funny business, which you continually accuse the Democrats of doing. Take Pennsylvania for instance, Trump requested a $10 million surety and the judge ordered a $1 million bond. Now having spent a career underwriting and drafting actual bonds for specific situations both in State and Federal courts, I did extensive research as to the obligation of the bond, i.e., why it is required and what specific performance is required by Ms. Stein (the principal in bond talk). In short, if she does not do some specific act (the obligation and it is very specific), she or the surety would have to pay up to the penal sum, the $1 million. So what are the Trumpsters hiding, besides his tax returns, which we will never see as long as he is in office because he will always pull the I’m being audited bullshit and you know it is? Does not confirmation of a fair election mean anything to him? Probably not.

    I am starting to wonder if you will ever comment on his cabinet picks, aside from the Oklahoma dingbat Pruitt, which does present some interesting situations since he is on the other side. How does he defend a lawsuit against himself? Rolling back established regulations is not as easy as he thinks, but then he is from Oklahoma, home of more earthquakes than California, but fracking isn’t the cause.

    Ala in all I believe we are in for a four year LSD trip with a boorish, ignorant clown who is absolutely clueless. I do like the way that Chuck Jones of the Steelworkers tore him a new asshole over Carrier jobs and the those workers are not happy.

    Well you own president elect Pottery Barn and see you in 2018. Have fun storming the castle.

    • Let’s see if I can untangle that ramble. You say Jill Stein wasn’t concerned about the outcome (so why do it in the first place?). Then you ramble on about bonds, which frankly doesn’t mean a hoot seeing as how all of the courts (even Obama appointed judges) dismissed her claims. You basically prove my point.

      As to the cabinet picks, I have no idea what you’re complaining about. The current EPA administrator has been guilty of screwing up YOUR drinking water by breaching a toxic mine in Colorado, and has also been one of the main causes of the Flint, Michigan drinking water crisis, by knowing it contained deadly lead a YEAR before telling anyone about it. How could someone that could reverse those idiotic decisions by any worse than that?

      Face it Snarky…you, and your liberal buddies are sore losers. My suggestion is to do what the sane people of this country have had to do over the course of the last eight years…get on with life and stop bitching!

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