Is California Ready To Secede?

An interesting question, don’t you think? California has been out of step for the past 25 years when it comes to the way the rest of the country thinks. Now, I know a lot of folks out here in the Desert that came from California for a lot of reasons. Some to escape the mountainous taxes they have there. Others because they couldn’t afford to buy a house there. Still others because they needed to work three jobs just to rent a decent apartment. And the LA Times is questioning whether California would be better off without the United States.

On the surface, it might make sense. I mean, California is really different when you think about it. Just this year alone, they tightened gun control, they extended taxes on the wealthy (and the wealthy went along with it), they hiked their tax on cigarettes, they legalized marijuana, they boosted multilingual education, and provided Hillary Clinton with her 2 million vote lead over Donald Trump. They were out of step in a lot of areas with the rest of the country (except maybe the marijuana issue…most places passed recreational use. Arizona was the exception to that). All of the above is compliments of the LA Times!

To be honest, California COULD make it on its own. They have the sixth largest economy in the world. They certainly could run their own country. And it would allow them to do whatever they wanted without interference from Washington (like having Sanctuary Cities all over). But there would be problems as well.

California always is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. They can’t go bankrupt, because their state has to, by federal law, be balanced in their budgeting, but they have incredibly high debt. Who would bail them out in that scenario? Many of their cities are in the same boat. Los Angeles and San Francisco have almost declared bankruptcy several times.

But there is only one state in the union that actually has it in their constitution, approved by congress that they can pull out anytime they want, and that’s Texas. There is nothing in the constitution that provides for a state to secede short of say staging a civil war (which as I recall DID happen a few years back…but it wasn’t lasting). I can’t imagine congress going along with a secession plan of the largest state in the union. And I can’t imagine the rest of the country going along with a constitutional amendment to let Cali leave (though I’d be for it!).

So I think we’re stuck with the wacko’s in California, and they are stuck with us. As great of an idea on paper as it sounds, and as much as they’d like it to happen out there, I don’t think Democrats would ever let it happen. The Dems would NEVER win another presidential election without their 55 electoral votes. And besides, where would they go to fundraise? If you took Hollywood out of the picture, they basically have Broadway in New York as their entertainment Mecca. Other than that, there’s …. Um… nothing.

Nope, we’re stuck with Cali, like it or not. Nice idea, but I can’t see it working. But, to my friends on the left coast, keep talking about it. Keep working on the idea, and see what you can come up with. It’ll keep your mind off losing the election!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. California has been threatening that for awhile and, like you, I just don’t see it happening. Not too many know (that I have talked to anyway) that Texas has it written in their constitution to be able to secede…impressive! 😉

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