Trump Kills It With Pruitt Pick

I’ve been very impressed with Donald Trump’s picks for his cabinet so far. Is the left all in a tither because of his latest pick of Scott Pruitt to become head of the EPA? Yup. Should they be? Yup. Will it matter a hill of beans? Nope. Reason? Well, I actually want to quote the current president on that one. “Elections have consequences…and we won!”

The Democrats need to understand that and deal with it like big boys and girls and stop crying like a bunch of two-year-olds.

Scott Pruitt, in case you haven’t done any research on him, is probably the right’s number one anti-EPA antagonist. He currently is suing the EPA as the Attorney General of Oklahoma. He’s no fan of Gina McCarthy, the current EPA head, and has lamented many times that the agency is totally out of control and needs to be reeled in. The reasons are very simple.

It all goes back to Woodrow Wilson. He was the guy that said the “administrators” were the ones that actually ran the country, not congress, and not anyone else. And he’s the guy that started giving the progressive idea that these administrators should write the laws because they knew the industries they were dealing with better than the congressmen. And he’s the one to blame for the bloated, over-staffed, bureaucratic mess that we currently have in Washington, DC. It’s because of Wilson that we have the type of agency the EPA has become in the first place.

And Scott Pruitt is about to change all that. No, you’re not going to lose control of your backyard because when it rains a mud puddle forms, which the EPA claims is theirs to administer. No, you’re not going to see the EPA getting consistently sued by right-minded people (and getting slapped down by the courts) because of over-reaching policies that do nothing but stifle industry and the economy. And no, you’re not going to see an EPA that while punishing others, is actually blamed for two of the largest pollution and contamination sites in recent memory…ripping a hole in a toxic mine that flooded into the Colorado River, and screwed up the drinking water for millions of people in the southwest who depend on that river for water…and the drinking water fiasco in Flint, Michigan where the EPA knew that there was trouble a year before it was made public…and did absolutely nothing about it.

Scott Pruitt is NOT going to turn America into a sewer or let industry pollute the skies and waterways like they did in the 1960’s before Richard Nixon (a Republican by the way) formed the EPA to deal with the mess. But he IS going to take a sensible approach to clean air and water. And he isn’t going to absolutely destroy the coal industry because he mistakenly thinks that wind and solar are all that’s needed to power America. THAT is the difference between Scott Pruitt and some unqualified “administrator” like Gina McCarthy. THAT is why I’m very pleased with the decisions Donald Trump has made so far in his cabinet selections. And THAT is why the left is going wicked-bat-crazy over his selection. You had your fun for eight years, Democrats. Now it’s time to pay the price and right the ship you tried to sink!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!