NOW “Smilin'” Joe Wants To Run?

I get the fact that there is this gaping hole at the top of the Democrats’ party. With the Clintons finally gone and not worth a hill of beans to anyone anymore, there is a huge vacuum that needs to be filled. But who can step up? We’ve discussed it before here, that maybe an Elizabeth Warren could fill the void, and certainly take the party WAY to the left. But the “new & exciting Democrats” are few and far between. So who would be one of the early favorites to run for president in 2020?

Can you believe Joe Biden?

Yup. Smilin’ Joe is thinking about running for president in four years against either Donald Trump or whomever the GOP puts up. That means that Biden would turn 78 just after election day making him by far the oldest person ever to assume the White House (currently held by Donald Trump!). Trump will be 70 years 220 days old, which was 236 days older than Ronald Reagan when he took office.

Can we get real for a minute. I mean, I understand Biden is in great shape for a 74 year old…but even the most fit 74 year old isn’t going to have the stamina of someone younger. And let’s face it…does Biden REALLY represent the “new” Democrats? Does he have the ability to energize the younger Millennials and Gen X’ers like someone like Bernie Sanders (himself a dinosaur) did?

Oh, just in case you were wondering, the mean age for someone entering the White House is 54 years 11 months, or about 16 years younger than Donald Trump will be, and 24 years younger than Biden would be. And no…don’t you DARE suggest Hillary is going to run again. She’s toast and wouldn’t even be able to make it through the primary. She’d get whipped faster than Scott Walker did.

Can we agree on one thing here? I believe that the future belongs to at least the Gen X generation. Baby Boomers have pretty much had their say in politics, except for a few old geezers that just want to hang on until they die at their desks. I’ve seen several Gen X’ers emerge from the right, but I haven’t really seen anyone with charisma, attitude, political experience (not that it’s needed), and the ability to communicate from the left. There is no one on the bench. I mean, when Martin O’Malley or Jim Webb start to look good you are in trouble.

And that is why the Democrats need to do some deep soul searching over the next few years. They need to decide what type of party they need to be, and find that person that is going to transform them. It’s not an overnight process. Hell, look at what the GOP did, and how much it hurt them over the last eight years. They did it lightning fast, too! The Tea Party was born, lived, died, and was reborn into the Trump movement in a very short period of time. I doubt the Dems are going to see it happen that fast. And don’t forget, they’ve got 25 Senate seats to defend in 2 years. It could be a bloody mess for the left!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!