Hillary Now Blames “Fake News” For Loss

I get it that Hillary Clinton is bitter that she lost. Not only did she lose an election that was supposed to be a coronation (for the second time in 8 years), she got beat by arguably the second worst candidate in history (next to her). And yes, I get it that she’s pissed at the world because she lost. But this is getting ridiculous.

On Thursday last week, Hillary was speaking at an event to honor that mealy mouthed Nevada senator, Harry “I’m such a liar” Reid, and she blamed “Fake News” as the reason that she lost. Wait a minute! What? She blamed Fake News? I thought it was James Comey’s fault for coming out and re-opening the FBI investigation a few days before the election! Wasn’t that the reason she lost? Wasn’t that the reason that blacks and gays and Hispanics didn’t show up at the polls? Wasn’t that the only reason that Donald Trump did better in all three of those groups than either of his two predecessors? Or was it “Fake News”?

You all know what “Fake News” is, right? That’s the left’s newest excuse for why they weren’t able to accomplish something. Someone, somewhere (usually on the internet) has spread a false rumor and because the internet is a very quick way to get news out to people, it spreads before the story can be verified. And of course, every single person in the world believes every single thing they see on the internet! This is why Hillary Clinton lost the presidency!

Look, Hillary Clinton lost the presidency because she was a lousy candidate. The Dems are right when they say they didn’t get their message out. They didn’t because Hillary was too busy demonizing Donald Trump, and didn’t spend nearly enough time telling the world why SHE needed to be president other than the fact it’s been her dream since she was a little girl. If the truth were to be told, it’s because her message was lost in a sea of accusations against both candidates. And Trump knew how to cut threw that garbage and get a message out there. He also knew how to excite a crowd without sounding like Broom Hilda. Hillary lost that election because she was a bad candidate with mountains of baggage that she couldn’t and wouldn’t answer for. I’ve said time and time again, had Hillary come out on March 10, 2015 and just said at that press conference at the UN that she was wrong, she was sorry, she screwed up, and she’ll suffer whatever consequences come of it, the whole thing would have blown over. She would be the president elect right now. Instead she did what the Clintons always do…deny, deny, deny and hope the story goes away. Well, it didn’t go away, it grew. And in the end, it became bigger than the candidate. Her approval numbers went to their lowest level in history. Her believability numbers and her truthfulness numbers echoed that fact. She lost because no one could trust her, and no one could believe her. And you don’t elect someone president that you can’t trust and you can’t believe.

That’s why Hillary lost. Fake News? Nope…Fake Hillary! More on this tomorrow!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Hillary Now Blames “Fake News” For Loss

  1. Re: Fake News…

    The *ONLY* “Fake News” story that I was aware of (and I’m pretty net active — to say the least!) was one where the post-election vote counts were “reversed” so that Trump was ahead by 3/10ths percent instead of Clinton. And (1) that was AFTER the election, and (2) it was off on an unknown website and clearly just a reversal of the official #s on every OTHER website from the regular news outlets.

    Sheeesh… I feel sorry for her, but that’s REALLY “grasping for straws.”

    Can you imagine the hell ‘n damnation they’d be raining down on Trump for “Trying to cast doubt on the integrity and intelligence of the American Voter!” and “Seeking to destroy our clearly mandated Constitutional Process!” if he was beaten and had begun making even a tenth of this noise?

    There’s simply no excuse for this. *IF* Russian hacking may have played a part it should be getting investigated QUIETLY at this stage, and *IF* “Fake News” actually played a part, then that aspect should be getting closely examined for the future. And as far as the Electoral College goes: we’re stuck with it because IT’S IN THE CONSTITUTION unless we want to change it FOR THE *NEXT* election… not THIS one.


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