The Real Losers In This Year’s Election

We all know that Hillary Clinton ended up having her rather large rear end handed to her in this past November’s election (I am truly sorry for having to bring that up again, but I LOVE saying it!!!). Anyway, there were several other folks in Washington that were losers as well, and I’m not talking about the Senate and House candidates who lost, or who lost their seats. I’m talking about several Democrats who ended up coming away as losers. And a lot of them are not good losers either.

HARRY REID: Reid was called by many the “worst majority leader ever” in the United States Senate. That’s quite a mantle to foist around, but it’s probably true. He did very little other than accomplish two things for Barack Obama…he got Obamacare passed, and he did away with the 60-vote rule for any appointee, allowing a simple majority to approve most appointees. While both of those items are going to come back in the next few months and bite Reid in the ass, they are the things he’ll be most remembered for. Well, that and the lying. He lied on the floor of the Senate about Mitt Romney never having paid taxes, and then refused to apologize for it, even after he admitted that he lied (he had no idea whether Romney paid taxes or not when he said it). He lied on the floor countless times about his nemeses, the Koch Brothers. And now, he’s leaving with a sour taste in his mouth as an asterisk in the history books, blaming not Hillary’s weak and ineffectual campaign for the Democrats’ shellacking, but James Comey, the FBI Director, who was only doing his job. Way to go Harry. Head back to Searchlight and get in that rocking chair. That’s where dinosaurs go to die. And you’re long past due!

NANCY PELOSI: While Reid may be leaving government service, Pelosi is not. She’s going to remain the Democrats’ number one in the House of Representatives. And though Pelosi is getting more and more inane with her comments as she gets older, she still maintained about 70% of the Dems’ vote when it came to retaining a leadership position. Unfortunately for Pelosi, she doesn’t play the underdog minority leader role very well. Her jabs at the right are often quoted online as political gaffes, and nonsensical musings. And she’s just as often wrong about the outcomes of events as she is correct. Not something you’d expect out of a leader. Add to that the fact that Democrats, while picking up a couple of seats in the House are no closer really to taking back control than they were a year ago, and it’s still going to be a long, uphill slog for the Californian.

BARACK OBAMA: His entire legacy is about to be smashed. Well, pretty much everything except the basketball games, and the rounds of golf. Obama will lose Obamacare, his top signature domestic achievement. He will lose the TPP, which he probably would have lost anyway as Hillary was against it as well. He will lose the Iran Nuclear Deal, which he touted as his top foreign policy achievement. There is very little that he can hang his hat on after eight years in office, other than $85 million he charged to the American taxpayer so he, his wife, and his two kids could travel the world in style. One just has to wonder where he’s going to get the money to pay for it going forward!

DEMOCRAT PARTY: The party is in disarray. They are blaming everybody but Hillary Clinton for the loss, and a great majority of the blame should fall to her. Rather than deal with the issues, which would have been more of a winning topic, they chose to demonize Donald Trump, and try and make Hillary the “lesser of two evils”. It didn’t work for one simple reason. There was much more baggage on Hillary’s side that stuck to her than the stuff that stuck to Trump. It’s difficult when you get stranded in as many scandals as deeply as she did to come out saying anything other than, “I should have quit the race”. The rest of the party was taken down with her, and now thinks that the only reason they lost was because they couldn’t get their message out there. That really would have helped, but the collusion between the Democrat Party and Hillary’s campaign in the primary, and the collusion between the main stream media and the Clinton campaign in the general election turned off America to her. She wasn’t that likeable in the first place. And it cost down-party tickets to fall by the wayside. Hillary just wasn’t as exciting a candidate as Trump was, and couldn’t get her people out to vote. Blacks, gays, and non-Hollywood types just didn’t show up. Maybe it was because the media over-sold the whole thing of her favored to win and they didn’t think they needed to. Or maybe it was because she’s a policy wonk who’s boring as hell to listen to. The screeching certainly didn’t help. But the party is years away from being able to get back to the position they were in back in 2008. Thanks in part to Hillary, thanks in part to Obama, thanks in part to Reid & Pelosi. And certainly, thanks to America!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!