Hillary Speaks Out Against “Fake News”

Hillary Clinton is speaking out against the so called “Fake News”. First of all, let’s understand what it is we are dealing with here. This is coined by the same folks that brought us “politically correct”, and “Black Lives Matter”, etc. This is just another left-wing saying that they can use against anything they don’t particularly agree with. Because nobody believes in “politically correct” anymore. And most people have always felt “Black Lives Matter” was just an excuse for blacks to riot. But “Fake News”? Wow! Who in their right mind would be against “Fake News”? Why would we ever want to be against this!? This is akin to being against “global climate warming change”, or whatever they’ve decided to call it today.

And the funny thing of all is that “Fake News” is basically broadcasting a lie. That’s right. It’s sending out over some “airwaves” (of course you can do it on the internet which doesn’t have airwaves), something that isn’t true. What makes this funny is who is actually calling for an end to “Fake News”. It’s one of the biggest purveyors of “Fake News” there is: Hillary Clinton.

Don’t believe me? What about getting shot at in Bosnia back when Bill was president? Remember that? That never happened. She wanted us to believe that she was in the middle of some huge war. Yeah, like the Secret Service would even allow that to happen! Or what about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to scale the summit of Mount Everest? Of course that happened in 1953, and Hillary was 6 years old (and nameless?) when that happened!

What about more recent events? What about “I never sent or received anything that was classified on my home server”? I think that was proven false a thousand times over. And of course, telling the world, while standing in front of four flag-draped coffins, that the Benghazi attacks were the result of a YouTube video. No “Fake News” there, right?

I would agree with her premise that the world really doesn’t have a place for “Fake News”. What I disagree with is the messenger that was chosen to give the message. Asking Hillary Clinton to be the poster child for “Fake News” is like asking me to be the poster child for Socialism. No one believes it. And the only reason she would begin to believe it now, is that she is seeing that there is a LOT of stuff coming out from her staff, from Secret Service folks who were around her, from people that are intimately familiar with her that say she’s a walking time bomb. That’s not the stuff you really want to leave on the stage as you exit politics for the last time, is it?

No, Hillary’s right. “Fake News” has no place in society. And that’s why one of the tenets that I have subscribed to from day one here is that you will ALWAYS get the truth. You may not like it, you may not even agree with it, but it will ALWAYS be the truth. Hillary? Nope…no truth to be found within a mile of her!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Hillary Speaks Out Against “Fake News”

  1. And of course in terms of fake news we can’t forget Obama’s declaration that he’d raised no taxes on any “people” (which Phil Button so nicely grabbed in the video at: http://pro-choicesmokingdoctor.blogspot.com/2009/07/obama-in-bare-faced-lie.html ) as he ignored the Hillary-constructed SCHIP tax with its 2,000% tax increase on loose tobacco.

    Hillary learned the hard way that you can only overtax a minority so much before you feel their backlash.

    – MJM

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