Electoral College Chaos?

On Monday, December 19th, the Electoral College will meet to elect Donald Trump as president. Oh, I know…you THOUGHT we did that a month and a half ago, right? Well, not so fast, Skippy. We really don’t elect anybody president. If we did, there’d be a bimbo in the White House come January 20th. But we actually elect “electors”, and THEY elect the president. It stops the big states like New York, and California from taking over the electoral process. States like Maine and New Hampshire wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance of mattering if we did it the popular vote way.

So, in Colorado, there are a couple of people that are Democrats who are going to be voting for Hillary (as they have to by law), but they’re trying to stop the whole Electoral College process saying it’s unconstitutional. Let’s understand the most basic tenet of our constitution. If it’s IN the constitution, it can’t by definition, be UNconstitutional! That’s just the way it works!

This is just the latest ploy of the Sad For Hillary crowd to try and rationalize their unrealized dream that the former Secretary of State and cookie baker is going to never fulfil her dream of becoming president, and this group is so misguided, so delusional, that they are willing to try anything to throw the election.

Let me go out on a limb here and make a prediction. On Monday, you’re going to tune in to whatever evening newscast you watch on television or the internet, or listen to on radio, and you’re going to see or hear or read that Donald Trump has been elected president by the Electoral College. And here’s a fair question…why do I KNOW that?

I know that for a couple of reasons. First, we are a nation that still follows our constitution. Even though the left feels it’s more like toilet paper than a founding document, it still matters (hmmm…thinking of starting a movement called “Constitutions Matter”…too soon?). Second, even with a couple of Coloradoans, who I’m sure are very nice people and are enjoying that state’s recently enacted loosening of their favorite herbal substance, Donald Trump has more than enough Electoral College votes to win the election. Finally, even though this is being talked about now…it’s only been proposed twice. The first time was in 2014 by Gene Green, a representative in the House. It died almost immediately. The second time was done about a month ago by California Senator Barbara Boxer. It’s fate is uncertain as of this time, but I would guess would follow Gene Green’s motion and fail.

What we are seeing is a last gasp, a dying attempt by the left to try and do something…ANYTHING to stop their hero, Hillary Clinton from leaving politics in disgrace. Well, let me clarify that. There’s already talk of her running for president in 2020. Yeah…bring it on Hillary. You’ll be 73 by that time, and more doddering and screeching than ever. We’re waiting for you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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