Aleppo Falls To Assad. Thanks, Obama!

Aleppo, Syria is (or was) the rebel stronghold in the Syrian civil war to oust strongman leader Bashar al Assad from power. It was until yesterday when the city fell to Assad forces, Russian and Iranian fighters helping in the struggle for the Assad regime. So, why “Thanks, Obama”?

Well, it’s simple. Bobo Obama’s abortion of a foreign policy, which never really caught on anywhere, and was at best extremely far from successful, was simply allow the chips to fall where they may. He couldn’t see past his nose on anything that involved sending troops into battle. He said going into office that he wasn’t a warrior president, he was a peaceful president, yet he has had a solid eight years of being a war-time president. And he, like all Democrats going back to the days of JFK, was terrible at it.

Obama had several problems in prosecuting war. In Syria, he made threats thinking that tough talk was all it would take in the Middle East to get those guys to shape up. But what he failed to understand was that his diplomacy was as feckless as his Secretaries of State who did absolutely nothing to help the world in eight years in office. It started with the Arab Spring in Egypt when Mubarak was overthrown. It took Obama eons to decide which side he was on. And then he chose the Muslim Brotherhood, which was a terrible choice, and he switched horses in the middle of the stream. Then you had the terribly thought out overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. He should have learned the lesson that when you overthrow a government, you need to have a competent leader ready to step in. He failed there. These are things the Middle East leaders saw, and were taking notes on.

So, when Obama had the “red line in the sand” speech on December 3, 2012, where he told Syria not to use chemical weapons against their own people, they laughed at him. When the Russians decided to prop up their client, Assad, because of the weak leadership coming from America, Vladimir Putin laughed at Obama and knew that there would be no reprisal coming for his actions. Then he signaled the ayatollahs in Iran to send troops in, because Obama was in the middle of his signature foreign policy achievement, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and wasn’t going to scrap that for Syria. And the ayatollahs laughed at him, because they knew he wasn’t going to do anything.

And when ISIS decided to base themselves in Syria, they didn’t do it because of advice from their travel agent. They knew that US soldiers, the only units they would really be afraid to fight, weren’t going to be there en-masse and fight them, they laughed, and set up their caliphate in Syria. Who could blame them.

So now Aleppo has fallen, and though Obama wasn’t anywhere to be seen, his inaction was the cause of the incident. After a half million Syrians have perished needlessly in their civil war, the rebel capital is overthrown. The fight is not over…yet. But the Americans in charge (that would be Obama) should be ashamed of themselves for turning a blind eye to the cry for help. Obama…their blood is on your hands. And THAT is a lot of blood. Thanks, Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    For laughs, I listen to Josh Earnest, because a little bit everyday, he sounds more and more like W.C. Fields. “Ah, yes. We are prosecuting a red line, in the war. Ass-ad, look out.”

  2. Well Desert, I didn’t know that you were Cordell friggin Hull when it came to foreign policy and I didn’t know it was your strong suit. Being in communications I personally thought your strong suit was putting together playlists of Steely Dan and Culture Club songs. I was going to write about yesterday’s blog on Rex Tillerson, essentially that with him as Secretary of State the chant would be changed from Make America Great Again to What’s Good For Exxon Mobil Is Good For The USA, a play on a 1950’s motto (look it up), the time that the illegitimate president wants to take us back to. So lets analyze your whine about Obama’s policy in the Middle Eastor as I call it, the shithole that keeps on giving.

    So you wanted to send in troops to Syria, great idea and just what we needed another tar baby and the briar patch. Have we learned nothing from Iraq, that little venture by the administration that did not exist between 2001 and 2009? The rebels basically were holding Assad to a stalemate until he groveled to Vlad for help. So what did Assad give Putin in exchange for help, looks like an airbase and probably a warm water port on the Med. What did Putin get in return, involvement in the Middle East where you need a score card to keep track of everybody. If you think the Syrian civil war is over, thank again. Vlad, remember Afghanistan in the 80’s and Chechen rebels, here you go again with a new batch who are even more vicious. Have fun stormin’ the Krak de Chevelier. As for Iran, Sunni Assad vs. Shite Iran, there’s a match made in heaven with or without virgins. Iran doesn’t give a crap about Assad, it’s ISIL that they are afraid, it’s a Sunni operation for your uninformed viewers in the cheap seats.

    As for that red line in the sand, remember it involved chemical weapons, but first I must clarify this sand thing. There never was a line in the sand at the Alamo. That was created by Walt Disney, an expert in fantasy until Il Duce came along, but back to Syria. So we know where the chemical weapons are stored, sending in troops is a non starter as you would be invading a sovereign nation, bad idea. So what do we do, bomb them? Not a good idea to blow up piles of chemical weapons releasing them into the atmosphere of a sovereign nation wiping out a good part of the population and then drift over to Iraq and see what kind of damage they could do there. If you want to talk about responsibility for blood on your hands you found. Any other great ideas?

    Then there is Egypt. Lets face it, Mubarak was a thug who was also the leader of Egypt. He was a victim of Arab Spring and the people had enough of his gentle rule since Sadat was whacked. Remember the military supported the ouster of Mubarak. Free elections were held and the Muslim Brotherhood won fair and square. Trouble is the Brotherhood was made up of highly educated people, mostly engineers yet had no experience is running a government, sort of a preview of January 20, 2017 here but without the Twitter account. The Brotherhood could not govern to provide basic services, like keeping the lights on and garbage pickup, that was their true downfall. The military steeps in and solves the problems and arrests the Brotherhood on trumped up (no pun intended) charges. There you have that.

    Libya was the result of Gaddafi was bombing the rebels, sound familiar? So Hillary put together a coalition of NATO with the U.S. providing intelligence from the air to assist the rebels and the NATO forces. Trouble is that the rebels were loonies and the Libyan army turned out to be pussies and melted away into who knows where, unlike the Iraqi army. The biggest mistake we made in Iraq, other than invading it, was disbanding the army as they could have provided order, but noooooooooo, we had to get rid of it and they in turn became what we know as ISIL. Sure Libya is a shit hole and Mohammed Jefferson has not appeared, but remember we are dealing with tribes, real tribes and that is the story of the Middle East that the American people don’t seem to understand. They have constantly shifting alliances, like Italian city states in the 1300’s.

    Finally why did ISIS/ISIL set up shop in Syria? It was not because of Obama sorry to say, it was because of Assad. He was bogged down in a civil war and did not have the military strength to fight essentially a two front war. Now that this Aleppo thing is sort of over, he will still have rebels to contend with and I still do not believe he has the resources to fight ISIS/ISIL. I believe that is what the Russkies and especially Iran is for as I raise again ISIS/ISIL Sunni, Iran, Shite and that carries alot of cred in the Middle East.

    Time to start planning Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve dinner with my Significant Other, Diane. I’m thinking tamales with black beans and green rice for Christmas and eye of the round roast wrapped in Danish bacon slow roasted at about 275* for say 2-3 hours with braised leeks and domino potatoes. I think we will wash it down with Domaine Carneros 2006 Le Reve sparkling wine and say good bye to one seriously fucked up year, except for my Cubbies, and welcome 2017 where I will become an even bigger irritant to you than I already am.

    One last item, I studied American diplomacy and foreign policy under Dr. Eugene P. Trani as well contemporary American history. Great professor and tough, which is why I signed up for his classes, think professor Kingsfield from The Paper Chase. Just wanted to let you I have some foreign policy chops.

    • First off, congratulations on your win. It’ll be fun working with you for the next year (or three?). Second, you have no idea what communications is all about, do you? Playlists? Really? Whoo boy…you need to go back and do some homework!
      Second, that’s what I love about Democrats…once you work for a firm, there’s no leaving it, huh? You think because Dick Cheney ran Halliburton, he ALWAYS runs Halliburton. You think once Rex Tillerson runs ExxonMobil, he’ll ALWAYS run ExxonMobil? Don’t you know these guys move around? They don’t stay in the same job for their entire career! Obviously, you need a primer in business executives as well…
      Third, I didn’t say I wanted to send troops into Syria. Where did you get that idea? I said, Obama blew his chance to run the op to the best outcome for America. Instead he settled on allowing Russia and Iran to run it to THEIR best interests. You have to learn to read!!! Oh, and by the way, NO ONE has been able to defeat Afghans in war in a very long time…not just Russia (or at that time the Soviet Union). And Syria is much different than Afghanistan. It’s a LOT flatter…don’t worry, we’ll add Geography 101 to your course load.
      I was totally lost by your Walt Disney reference…what in hell does that have to do with Obama’s idiotic remark on drawing a line in the sand? Answer…absolutely nothing. The point that a second grader could get was simple: Obama talked big, making a big threat, and then backed down like the wimp and feckless leader he is. He proves it every day.
      Egypt’s election was fair and square? Really? Oh…sorry…I forgot. You’re from Chicago. Fraudulent elections are a way of life! And thank you for making my point with ISIS and Libya. Nice to see you agreed with me.

      Lastly, I wouldn’t be listing names of former teachers if I were you. I think they’d be hanging their head in shame at how little you actually learned. Keep up the education…you’re late for spelling and reading class!

  3. Thanks for the congratulations, it should be a fun ride as we attempt to install our mutual agenda. I did learn that the Sunbowl will not be fenced in so I guess I do not get my political re-education camp and entertainment complex. Bummer.

    As for my comment on communication, I was being facetious like when I say that if Reagan had not repealed the Fairness Doctrine, Shawn Hannity would still be spinning Steely Dan records in Hempstead, NY. I know communications as I have spent most of my adult life dealing with word spinners a/k/a BS artists, media both print and electronic and obviously the internet.

    As for my career at one company (with a short time with another out here), I did interview or was recruited by other companies during my career. I chose to stay for two reasons, first, what other companies were offering was pretty much the same as what I was receiving from my current employer, nobody changes jobs for the same thing and second, was the company and its values. I worked for a company that only did bonds (there was a smattering of real insurance but only for financial institutions) as opposed to an insurance company where the bond guys were the weirdos in the back. When was the last time you worked for a corporation where the president knew your name, your birthday, your wife’s name and birthday, your anniversary (marriage and company starting date), your children’s names and visited your office at least once a year. During that visit the president would bring at least one other corporate officer and the first thing they talked about with all branch employees present was the 401k plan, not earnings , not profits, the 401k plan and why you should participate. Yeah, like that is going to happen with The Hartford. When we were finally sucked into the Swiss vortex (they who shall not be named) we were offered profit sharing. Seemed like a great idea but we were grouped with insurance people who always lost money. Nothing like making an offer they will never have to pay on.

    Your example of Rex Tillerson is a bad one as he has worked for ExxonMobil since college and it is the only job he has had in the corporate world. Looks like Rex and I have a lot in common except my company hasn’t spent almost 50 years surpressing internal studies on the effects of carbon released into the atmosphere from hydrocarbons. Doesn’t seem like he is going anywhere after his government gig, provided he is confirmed. You didn’t research this one very well. I read a lot.

    As for Syria, let’s examine your communication, you discussed an op, presumably for the chemical weapons. We have two options, bomb the sites and release poison into the ai, generally not a good idea or……….boots on the ground to diffuse these suckers, or put more bluntly invasion. Which would you choose and what did you mean by op? These are the only two unless you have a third. This is called strategic thinking, try it sometime.

    Moving on geopolitics, because Syria is flatter it is easier to conquer or something like that? It is apparent that your lack of knowledge of Middle East history is only exceeded by your understanding of geography. Nations have been trying to conquer the general area we know as Syria even before the Hittites (look them up) and that was 1,800 B.C.E. The closest was Muslim conversion in the late 700’s and was strictly a religion change. Even the Mongols came up short and that is saying something. The Crusaders couldn’t do it and that bunch still sticks in the Middle East craw.

    As for my Disney reference, there was no “line in the sand” at the Alamo, Disney made that up for Davy Crockett at the Alamo episode, fantasyland, where Trump seems to reside.

    Yes, the elections were fair in Egypt otherwise the military would not have given up control. As I stated, the Muslim Brotherhood had no experience in government which is why they failed and the military is back and evidently the experiment with democracy is over.

    So there you have it. That should cool your conservative jets for awhile while Republicans dream up new ways to fuck up government, like North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, usw.

    • WHEW! You really need a Christmas break! Get rested up because all of this misinformation is going to have to go by the wayside starting January 3rd at 9am (you like how I already moved the time for you???)

  4. Well Desert, thanks for moving the time, it precludes me doing all sorts of medical stuff in front of everyone.

    As to your claim of misinformation I posted please specifically what is incorrect. Nothing.

    • Sorry Snarky…much too busy to list everything and educate you! Maybe when things slow down and I’ve got a spare week, I’ll make a list! But there IS a lot!!!

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