The Religion of Climate Change

Democrats are very worried right now, and they have good reason to be. With Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt tabbed to take over the EPA in just a few weeks, and the Trump administration asking for a list of names of people working on climate change and carbon emissions in that agency, Dems are worried that one of their signature “religious” issues is going to be seriously threatened. That issue? Climate change…or global warming…or whatever they decide to change the name to this week.

The White House insists that the “science” behind man-made global warming change has been decided, is undebatable and needs to be addressed yesterday. More reasonable people that actually believe in science, and not trumped up numbers (no pun intended) that the NOAA and other “scientific” organizations have been accused of fudging over the years to make it look worse than it really is, believe that while the earth may be warming (actually, it’s cooling), it’s not as man-made as Barack Obama, Al Gore and the eco-terrorists would like us to believe.

And so the debate WILL continue, despite the best wishes of the religious left. And I have some rather sobering news for them. They are going to find out that in their religion, there is NO god. That’s because while the earth may warm or cool, it does so on its own cyclically. It doesn’t need or use our help. And while I’m all for breathing cleaner air, or drinking purer water, there’s no proof that the EPA is doing anything to help that at the moment. In fact, I can point out two gaping examples where the EPA under Gina McCarthy is actually HURTING our water supply (take the Colorado toxic mine breach as example one, and the scandal involving the Flint, Michigan drinking water as number two!). Both were either caused by the EPA, or worsened by the EPA doing absolutely nothing.

No Virginia, there may be a Santa Claus, but there isn’t man-made global warming. If there was, then answer the question that all of these scientists can’t answer. How did we end up getting an Ice Age 150,000 years ago? And as a bonus question, how did we get rid of the Ice Age? If all of this is man-made, and earth doesn’t do this on its own, we wouldn’t have had such a drastic swing in temperatures, would we? That’s a question no legitimate scientist has been able to answer, and I’ve known a few and asked them. They give me the “deer in the headlights” look, or they start off on some rant about how I don’t understand the damage mankind is doing.

Somehow, I feel that this “religion” is about to be exposed like a Jim & Tammy Faye Baker telethon to save Heritage USA. And the other mainstream religion of the left…abortion…is soon to follow. Just sayin’

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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