What REALLY Happens Today?

Today is an important day in the history of our country. It WAS to be “coronation day” of Hillary Clinton. Well, to be honest, it was to be the official election of Hillary Clinton. She screwed that up way back when she was Secretary of State and tried to hide her doings from the public by installing a private home-brew server at her residence instead of using the .gov email system. Instead, Hillary will drink her two boxes of wine, get soused, and stumble to bed. There will be no celebration in Chappaqua today!

No, today is important because it is the OFFICIAL election day of the president. It is the day that the Electoral College meets in state capitols all over the country to cast their ballots for president. This year, there has been more hubbub than in most because normally it’s just a foregone conclusion that they will follow the electoral vote of the people. This year, that’s not the case as celebrities and politicians alike have tried to influence the outcome of the election in an unethical and amoral manner by suggesting that the Electors NOT vote for whom they have pledged to vote, but vote for someone else. The goal was to insure that Trump wouldn’t get to 270, and secure the presidency. Of course, if that were the case, and Hillary also didn’t get to 270, the race would shift to the House of Representatives, where the Republican controlled body would elect Donald Trump president. It’s happened before.

So, what happens today? Well, the Electors gather in their state capitols, fill out the ballots, and they are certified. Then they are shipped off to the National Archives in Washington, kind of like the final Tribal Council vote on Survivor. On January 6th at 1pm, Smilin’ Joe Biden will open them before a joint session of congress and read each state’s vote in alphabetical order, and then announce the winner.

But wait…there’s more! Biden will then ask if there are any objections to the vote. Of course, crybaby Democrats probably will say they have a problem, and declare some of the votes “in objection”. These objections have to be written, and signed by one House member and one Senator. The two houses split and each has two hours to decide if the objections are valid. If they both agree that the objections are valid, then the votes are thrown out. That, by the way, has NEVER happened, and it’s doubtful the GOP controlled House would go along with the Senate if they WERE to find objections valid. At that point, it’s all over but the inauguration. And the dancing commences for the Republicans, while the Democrats, as I understand it, are heading to Florida to decide how to handle the next four years.

And that is what is going to happen, not only today, but also up the road on January 6th. Suspenseful isn’t it?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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