Oh Is Bill Clinton PISSED!

It’s one thing to be upset at yourself after you’ve lost something that you think is important to you. I mean, if you lose your job, or you lose your house because you forgot to make house payments, I can understand you getting upset at yourself. But to be PISSED at the world because someone ELSE beat you fair and square is a sign of immaturity. And it’s with that knowledge that we launch into today’s topic… Bill Clinton.

See, Bill Clinton is pissed. He has a penchant for getting that way after people close to him run for the presidency and lose. He was pissed at Al Gore for the longest time for “throwing away the White House” back in 2000. He said that any moron could have beaten George W. Bush. Well, Gore IS a moron, that’s for sure…and he’s pissed at the world again. This time, someone supposedly even closer to him has let him down…his wife. And this time he’s not blaming her so much as he is the rest of the world.

Bill was stopped in a bookstore in upstate New York recently and spoke to the customers and one of them happened to be a reporter for a small-town newspaper. He told the reporter that he was upset at the Russian hackers (still with that excuse?) and that “anyone with a single digit IQ knows what’s going on”. Well Bill, mine is 152 and I have no idea what’s going on yet. And, frankly neither do you. He also blamed FBI Director James Comey for his wife’s loss because he re-opened her home-brew server/email scandal days before the election. That didn’t do it either Bill, sorry to say. Once again, let me reiterate for the chronically slow, the reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election. It’s painfully simple.
1. Hillary herself was the weakest presidential candidate we’ve had in history. You don’t run for the White House because “it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl”. You do it to improve the country. It’s not about YOU, it’s about them!
2. Hillary has a flawed character. She was never going to get elected. You don’t elect liars, cheats, and people out to cram as much money into their own coffers as possible. You elect upstanding people (not that her opponent was one) that are promising to change America into something better.
3. You don’t get elected by making the other person running seem worse than you are. You do it by making yourself seem better than the other person. Since she really couldn’t do that, she lost.
4. You make tactical mistakes like putting a 20 something in charge of your campaign. That was one thing. You also don’t do it by skipping states vital to your election, like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, states Hillary didn’t visit once during the general election.
5. When you lose, you make damn sure YOU take the blame for the loss, and stop trying to pin it on everyone else in the world. Be an adult for God’s sake! We also don’t like to elect people president who have no idea what personal responsibility is, and apparently, that is another one of the Clinton weaknesses!

Bill, THOSE are SOME of the reasons your wife lost the election. Stop blaming Comey, and the Russians. Stop crying because your wife isn’t the politician in the family. But I hear she’s pretty good at baking cookies, and drinking wine!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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