The Left Still Doesn’t Understand

For a bunch of self-righteous people that are supposed to be uber-smart, the left wing sure is dumb. I mean, down right stupid dumb. These people had all of their chips on the Hillary spot on the roulette wheel and lost big time, but they keep asking the croupier for just one more spin. Well, it’s over.

Donald Trump WILL be the 45th president of the United States of America.

That was highlighted in blazing red, white, and blue yesterday when the Electoral College for the most part put the pleas of the left where they belonged…in the trash, and followed the law. Oh, it was interesting to see Martin Sheen and Mike Ferrell (who hasn’t worked since MASH) and a bunch of other has-been actors put together a video telling me that they don’t think Donald Trump was qualified to be president. Well, I didn’t think they were qualified to be actors, but it didn’t stop them, did it? And by the way, the left reacted the same way when Ronald Reagan got elected president…and he has turned out to be the best president in the past 50 years.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There WERE a few “faithless electors”, who are going to be facing fines for either withholding their vote, or for voting for someone other than who they should have voted for. A couple of people were replaced by alternates along the way, but they’ll be a footnote in history. And the left still can’t wrap their tiny little brains around it.

In Wisconsin, there was a woman shouting at the electors, that “This is not MY America! You sold out our country! You don’t deserve to be in America”. The local police came in and gently escorted her to the nearest insane asylum. Even the addle-minded Keith Olbermann, who knows more about sports than anything to do with real life, had to get into the act stating, “We can delegitimize Donald Trump by refusing to call him “President Trump”. Yeah…that’ll have a HUGE impact on the country Keith. Why don’t you go back to ESPN and start covering something you actually know something about!

Yes, most places were filled with protests yesterday because most of those people are still grasping at hope that America pushed the wrong button, pulled the wrong lever, marked the ballot wrong, or somehow just screwed up when they elected Donald Trump as president. Sorry left wing idiots… that’s just not the case. It’s really appropriate too, since eight years ago, the right in this country had to go through exactly the same thing you’re going through now. The only difference is, the right acted like adults. They stood there and took their medicine for eight years. They didn’t cry, and whine, and protest, like that was going to do anything anyway. But the left feels if they get enough people together, and walk down enough streets disrupting traffic, that maybe Donald Trump will say, “Oops. I see your point!” and turn over the reins to Hillary Clinton? That can’t happen for two reasons. First of all, Trump is smarter than that, second, Hillary can’t stand by herself long enough to take the oath of office.

Face it left. You lost the election. You are losers, and until you realize that you lost because you had a bad candidate that didn’t connect with America, and didn’t express the ideals most Americans wanted to hear, you’re going to continue to lose. Taking the country farther left was a tragic mistake that cost us eight years of prosperity, eight years of peace, eight years of leadership in the world. All we have to show for it are piles of Obama mistakes that need to be corrected. But the good news is, they WILL be corrected!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “The Left Still Doesn’t Understand

  1. Seriously! Stop all the crying, pick up your big girl panties and call it a day! The reason they are screaming so loudly is because they fear their way of life (that is, the way of life they have grown accustom to under Obama) is going bye-bye!! And I pray it is!!

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