Dem Donors Are Furious!

So you think Democrats are still in mourning over Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Donald Trump? You think they are still out there crying and complaining? Well, some of them are, but the interesting thing is, the people that donated over one billion dollars to the Clinton campaign, aren’t crying…they are pissed! According to Politico, not your typical right-wing leaning publication, Democrat big-time bundlers met with Hillary Clinton this past Thursday night at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. And they wanted answers. They wanted to know why all of their hard work and almost guarantee of the Clinton Coronation, could have been so off, so wrong.

And they got absolutely nothing for the questions that they asked. Now, to be fair, it’s only been five weeks since the election, and the campaign itself is still in a state of denial. They can’t believe they lost and they are blaming everyone they can find, from FBI Director James Comey, to unknown Russian hackers, to Donald Trump, to Hillary’s hairdresser, to Theodore Roosevelt…and HE’S been dead almost a hundred years (he died in 1919).

Big time Dem donors have vowed “not to contribute one fu*king dime to the Democrat party until and unless we find out what happened in the past election.” That’s a fair request really. The Republicans went through the same thing in 2012, and came up with a pretty decent post-mortem. I think most of that wasn’t followed this year, because the issues of 2012 weren’t the issues of 2016, but it’s a fair request to find out what worked and what didn’t work. I don’t think it’s as simple as saying if Hillary had campaigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, she would have won. I think it goes much deeper than that. I think the election of 2016 for the Democrats will go down very much like the election of 1996 and 2008 for the Republicans. Those elections, if you’ll remember were when the GOP ran Bob Dole and John McCain respectively for president. Both were terrible candidates that were chosen because “it was their turn”. That’s exactly what happened with the Democrats this year.

They chose Hillary Clinton because she wanted to be the first woman president and cement herself in American history. And the party faithful, that were all Friends of Bill & Hillary, went along with it…to the point of denying their strongest candidate, Bernie Sanders, a shot at winning the nomination. Hillary had too much baggage, and loyalists to her didn’t want to tackle that issue. My gut feel is that if Bernie Sanders had been treated on and equal playing field with Hillary Clinton from day one in the primary, he would have beaten her and he probably would have beaten Donald Trump in the general election.

So, if Hillary wants to blame James Comey and the Russians, and some dead president for her loss, that’s her business, but she should be blaming the DNC. She was never going to win the presidency. She had way too many scandals, that would have sunk any other candidate in any other party before the primary season began. But she was adamant that she was going to win. THAT is who Hillary Clinton should blame…and until she does, she needs to apologize to those mega-donors who believed in her and helped raise over a billion dollars for that sinkhole of a project. It was never going to happen with her anyway, shape or form.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Dem Donors Are Furious!

  1. Hillary and the Dems continue to bash and blame Comey for losing. You’d think she’d be smart enough to be grateful to him she wasn’t indicted…….but that’s the Clinton’s. Ungrateful for anything or anyone; the Clinton’s believe what ever they want shall be given. If someone was responsible for possibly (or probably) for keeping me from being indicted or even jail…….I’d say thank you and walk away quietly, keep my mouth shut and go sit out on the deck with a glass (bottle) of wine. Retire! But, Hillary has never done anything wrong…… she is always a victim.

    • And here’s one more fact to throw in her face. If you erase New York and California from the equation, Trump beat Clinton in the POPULAR vote by 3 million votes! I say we let California secede from the union!

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