Loretta Lynch SAYS The Right Things…But…

Loretta Lynch was on the Sunday Shows this past weekend, and as I watched a clip of her on “State of the Union” on CNN, I was actually impressed with what she said. She said that she has always felt in public AND private life, when you make a mistake, you own it, you own up to it, and you discuss the ramifications of it with people. THAT was why she came out before the FBI decision not to recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton, and said that she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. And for that, I respect her.

She said a lot of great things in that piece. She was sorry she met with him, and hindsight being 20/20, she probably shouldn’t have done so because it caused consternation with a lot of folks, and it harmed the credibility of the Department of Justice. Again, also true. And then I went back, and I looked at a lot of the comments Loretta Lynch made throughout the course of this ordeal, and she has ALWAYS said the right thing. That was never the problem.

The problem was she never DID the right thing.

The right thing would have been to do the exact opposite of what happened. 75% of Americans…even some Democrats, felt that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted for federal crimes. But someone got to James Comey and he gave this really lame excuse that he didn’t think a prosecutor anywhere in America would feel that what Hillary did was done with intent and thus, wasn’t prosecutable. THAT my friends, is total and utter BS. They went after so many other people, both famous and not famous for the same damn thing. You don’t hold one group up to one standard, and another group up to another standard. That’s not why Lady Justice is blindfolded. The same standard applies to all. Period. Politics doesn’t play into it.

And that is Loretta Lynch’s downfall. She SAYS the right thing. But when it comes time to doing it… to actually turning the blind eye toward politics and treating everybody equal, she couldn’t do it right. THAT is where she fell short of her duties, and THAT is what she will always be remembered for.

What’s sad is that Lynch had the opportunity to win back some of the tarnished credibility after the racist Eric Holder left office. Holder’s smugness, his total lack of decorum, his lying, and his partisanship caused the Department of Justice to sink to depths rarely seen in our country. He was a terrible pick for that position. Loretta Lynch came in saying all the right things. I’m just frustrated and sad she couldn’t live up to her words. But like most in the Obama administration, she forgot that words have meanings, and people believe those meanings. All she ended up doing was further burying the Justice Department in a pile of excrement that the next Attorney General is going to have to try and dig out of .

It’s ok…it’s the same mess that most cabinet officials are facing. Obama did one thing very well over the last eight years…he threw around a HUGE amount of excrement!

Carry on world… you’re dismissed!