Enough With The Russians Blame, OK?

Hillary Clinton and her minions continue to be the ones pushing this thing that the Russians hacked our election. Somehow, though everyone agrees that the election was “fair”, and that it wasn’t fraudulent (except in Detroit where more people voted than there were people…thanks Jill Stein for calling for the recount that pointed out Democrats’ trying to throw the election!), the left continues to cry that the Russians tried to sway the election.

Well, the US has done the same thing in the past…and continues to do it to this day.

In fact, in a study by a political scientist from Carnegie Mellon University, he found that the United States has interfered with 81 elections of foreign governments between 1945 and 2000. No, this isn’t a slam at the Democrats, Republicans were involved in this as well. That’s 81 times the US tried to influence the outcome of another country’s elections. And we are calling the Russians out for trying to influence ours? Really?

I didn’t count the times the CIA and other secret operatives have been involved of overthrowing a government, or installing a puppet regime. That has happened several times in Iran, Chile, and Guatemala, among others. Hell, we were involved in taking Gaddafi out in Libya. That’s a regime change too! So, if the left wants to cry that Russia is starting to influence our elections, we need to clean up our act and stop doing the same damn thing we’re accusing them of doing, don’t we?

Russia doesn’t have clean hands when it comes to this, but they’re not as bad as us. According to the study, Russia has influence 36 foreign elections from 1945 to 2000. That’s less than half of the elections we influenced. Tell me that doing that is wrong and I’d agree with you. Tell me that we’re blameless in all of this, and I’ll tell you that you stink like what my neighbor’s dog left in my yard yesterday.

I think before Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Barack Obama, and the left wing crybabies out there want to blame Russia for “influencing” an election that we have absolutely no proof that they even influenced, we need to do some rather deep introspection and look into our own souls. Hey, IF Russia tried to influence our election, that’s bad and we need to try and fix the problem. But until you have incontrovertible proof that they did it (and by the way, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange says his information never came from Russia), keep your mouths shut and do your homework. It’s that easy!

We are getting ready to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior this weekend. Can we PLEASE put all of this crybaby crap on hold? Left, you lost the friggin’ election. You lost it fair and square. You lost it because you decided to run a terribly flawed candidate, who ran a terribly flawed campaign and didn’t connect with the voters. THAT is why you lost the election, and until you can show me actual proof that Russia was behind your loss, keep your tears and your whining to yourselves!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “Enough With The Russians Blame, OK?

  1. Amen sir! Sing it!! The only way the Clinton’s are of any relevance anymore is to keep themselves in the news. Good Lord, what will they come up with next after this gets to tired to carry? Go quietly into the night, Clinton’s…please!

    Merry CHRISTmas my friend!!! 🙂 🙂

    • December 25 was not Jesus’s birthday. The Catholic Church said it was to try to Christianize the pagan Yuletide.

      • Nice of you to stop by Lucky…appreciate the comment. I’ve heard that December 25th isn’t Jesus true birthday, but there really isn’t any proof of that. Of course, scientists believe that it could have been in the spring due to the descriptions in the Bible, but can you REALLY be sure? And besides…we’ve chosen to set that day aside to celebrate Jesus’ birth. What’s so wrong with that???

    • And amazingly, she’s failed at most of that as well! Stunning! Do you realize we were a scant few electoral college votes away from electing someone as president that has NEVER been successful at any job she’s ever had?

      • And that was the argument the Dems had against Trump; he was a loser. Really? How are you a billionaire and a loser? Granted Trump hasn’t been successful at everything …….but he used the experience of his losses and moved on…grew from them. As far as Hillary’s crap about Trump being wealthy from his father? That was a long time ago, he wasn’t a billionaire to start out……just a little ol’ millionaire. He didn’t lose it all….You have to have business smarts to be where he is today, and what he has provided his family. Hopefully he brings some of that to table in the White House. Clinton’s have wealth but look how they got there……deceit, political promises for payoffs, and meaningless speeches. Totally corrupt. That is the only thing Hillary has been successful at; corruption and getting a pass.

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