What The Left Is REALLY Afraid Of…

OK, now that Donald Trump is officially going to be the next president of the United States, it begs the question, what the hell is the left so afraid of anyway? I mean, think back eight years ago when Barack Obama was anointed. Think back to the “transformational change” to America that he promised to bring (and actually did to some degree) to all of our lives. Of course, the Republicans knew that meant going more socialist, and it did. He failed in a lot of what he wanted to do, but he did begrudgingly move us left as a country.

So, what in hell is the left so afraid of with Donald Trump?

Here’s what they’re afraid of. They are afraid of ANY conservative, or quasi-conservative taking back any of the gains they have made over the past eight years. They’re afraid of losing healthcare for the 2 million Americans that didn’t have healthcare before Obama came into office. That’s right, it’s not 20 million, it’s 2 million. Do the numbers, and don’t count people that had individual policies that were cancelled because of Obamacare. They’re afraid of the fact that the TPP will get shuttered. They’re afraid that the eco-terrorists like Obama and Al Gore and the Weather Channel will end up losing their arguments on Global Climate Warming Change…and will have to fess up that the whole thing has been a leftist plot to get more control over your daily lives. They’re afraid that the Supreme Court is going to be more right wing than left wing, and that there will probably be at least two liberals on the court that are going to have to leave or they’ll die in office (I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg already has!).

They are afraid that their long-loved religion of abortion is about to be put on the chopping block and get aborted itself. They’re afraid that Donald Trump is going to turn the EPA into what it should have been all along, an agency that protects our air and water, and doesn’t try to regulate every mud puddle in America. They are afraid that the Iran Nuclear Deal, which assures that Iran will get the bomb in the future will be blown to bits, and sanctions will be put back in place…by the way, sanctions that actually were having the intended consequence!

They are afraid that state governments are going to get more power, and that means that 75% of the Republican governors out there will get more power. It means that jobs will be more plentiful, the economy will grow on its own without the interference of worrying about unions’ feelings, or the spotted baby orangutan, or some other “endangered” species. They’re worried that they aren’t going to be able to give citizenship and the right to vote to 18 million people who don’t deserve it because they forced their way into this country illegally, and now want to be rewarded for their crimes. They are worried that the Attorney General will start prosecuting people based on whether or not they committed a crime, not on which political party they belong to, or how “important” they are.

No, the left is afraid about a lot of stuff, and they probably have a right to be. But let’s suffice to say that these are all things that need to be changed just to get us back to the middle of the spectrum. These aren’t conservative ideas. These are mainstream ideas. We are leaving left field for center field. That’s all. Let’s face it…Donald Trump is NOT a conservative, he’s a moderate. And if the left has a problem with being moderate rather than socialist, there really IS no place in this country for them, and they probably should leave for Canada, or Spain, or Venezuela, where I hear they could probably become El Presidente fairly easily!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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