The Russian/Hillary Connection

Has anyone ever thought to ask the question WHY the Democrats are accusing the Russians of hacking their computers during this past election? Has anyone ever wondered what the Democrats have done to the Russians if they did indeed do the hacking (which by the way, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says did NOT come from Russia)? Well, we’re about to find out.

It’s sort of funny, really. While the Republicans were the ones that hated the Russians during the cold war and the Dems were the ones willing to “get into bed with them”, in this day and age, the shoe is on the other foot. The main reason is Hillary Clinton’s personal hatred of Vladimir Putin, and his personal disdain for her. Yup, it’s a personal vendetta thing.

Back when George W Bush was president, Bush made the comment of wanting to “look into Putin’s soul” to better relations with Russia. Clinton, who was a Senator at the time, commented, “Putin was a KGB agent, he has no soul”. Remember that comment? That’s what started it…and that comment is still remembered viscerally in Russia to this day. There has been no love lost between Clinton and Putin since then.

Then when she was Secretary of State, she tried the “Russian Reset”, which was the old Office Max button, that failed big time because she couldn’t get the translation right (nice job, Hillary!).

The conventional Russian approach to all of this, and by the way, they deny any hacking of either party… was that Hillary Clinton would be much more hostile to the Russians because of Vladimir Putin, than Donald Trump would be, and therefore, the Russians pretty much didn’t want her to be president. Trump, you’ll remember was out saying Putin was a decent leader, and a strong leader, which I don’t think even Democrats could deny. After all, he’s bested our leader consistently when the two matched wits.

So, it all comes down to Hillary wanting to get one last shot in at Putin, and not being able to do it from the White House. The natural inclination would be to take the snipes at him by accusing that some “hacks” of the DNC computers, Hillary’s home-brew system, and her campaign computers, were all Russian in origin. Actually, though the CIA has jumped on board with that assumption, the other 16 intelligence agencies have balked at getting on board. They say they don’t know, and that the CIA is jumping the gun quite a bit and that there is a lot of data out there that suggests it wasn’t the Russians at all, but it was someone INSIDE the CIA.

To make a very long, and actually meaningless story short, Hillary’s people had their computers hacked because they didn’t have enough security around them. The same can be said about the home-brew computer server Hillary Clinton had, and the DNC computers that were equally hacked. Same goes for John Podesta. If these guys were half as smart at running their computers as they thought they were at picking a president, none of this would have happened…oh…wait….they ARE half as smart as they were at picking a president…they failed at that too, didn’t they?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “The Russian/Hillary Connection

  1. Blame your greatest adversary, for tapping into an insecure, sloppy system. Takes the blame from yourself on risking DNC corruption secrets and national security and lay it on Putin. They really are stupid.

    • It makes perfect sense and should serve as a reminder any time a Clinton is on the job you can bet things will go south They have an ability to always end up under investigation

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