If Trump Is So Bad…

You know, I always take a look forward, but I keep a toe in the past because I like to know where I started from. Take this past election. I certainly wasn’t a Trump fan from the word go, and I’m not yet a convert. Oh, make no mistake, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have doomed America and we would have been another Venezuela in no time.

But when I look at Trump now, I’m starting to see something that is actually backed up by an anti-Trump organization. The Gallup polling folks, who decided to sit out this presidential election because they screwed up so bad the last time out, actually is showing something rather interesting. Now, you have to realize when I say this…they are about as far left-wing an organization as Zogby. That said, they are showing that American’s are feeling better about the economy today than they have any time since Bobo Obama was inaugurated the first time. Why is that?

Well, they feel, according to Gallup that Trump is going to do something positive for the economy. They feel that he’s already done something positive for the economy, and it’s starting to move in the right direction. Gallup rates America’s feelings on a plus/minus system. The best rating Bobo ever got in eight years (and you can’t blame all eight years on George W. Bush liberals…sorry!), was a plus 5. That was one rating back in 2015. Other than that, he was in negative numbers the entire presidency, the worst coming in mid-2011 when he scored a minus 54. Prior to the election the number was a minus 11. Today? It stands at plus 10. That’s a 21 point turnaround in a month.

Want other examples? Take a look at the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, not exactly the most reliable gauge, granted, but still a gauge, has increased $1.6 BILLION over the past 30 days. It has hit a new high seven times…and is about to go through the 20,000 barrier for the first time in history. Now, what caused that? It wasn’t Obama’s numbers. They are still pretty frightful when you look at it. It was the outlook for the future…which is strange because if you recall on election night, there was a time the futures market for the DJIA was plummeting, some 800 points when it looked like Trump would win. Why the big turnaround? The Dow, quite honestly, appreciates results. They haven’t had any with Obama. They’re getting the promise of them with Trump.

More bad news for Obama? Yup, the REAL unemployment number (this is the number of people that are out of work, not the people that are still looking for work), isn’t anywhere near the 4.7% that Obama touts. It’s 9.1%. The workforce? It’s at its lowest level since before World War II. What about people with “good paying jobs” (as defined by the people). It stands at a meager 48.1%. And people that are actually HAPPY with their jobs? 31%. That is NOT an America that feels the current president has done a good job.

So, if Trump is SO bad for America, why are all of these numbers already better than Obama? One simple reason. Most Americans were screaming for change. They feel they are going to get it with Trump. He has a chance to show them he’s capable. If he doesn’t do it, watch those numbers plummet. But right now, the numbers are betting he’s going to get it done. Give the guy a chance…you may be surprised by what he does!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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