Ready (Again?) For Hillary?

We have only been a little over a month since the election of Donald Trump, and the “catastrophic” loss of Hillary Clinton in last month’s presidential election. And already, there is rumor out there that Hillary is talking about running for office again…the Oval Office. But the question needs to be posed…will she garner more support than she did this time around?

The answer traditionally is no. Ask Rick Santorum, who finished second to Mitt Romney in the GOP race for the nomination in 2012. He stunk like a three week old catfish on a hot summer’s day in 2016. That is precisely why America doesn’t want Hillary to run again. In fact 62% of independents and Democrats polled say they don’t want the 69 year old to run again. They say if you can’t get it done in two attempts, you should be out of the running and retire. Only 23% said that they would have somewhat of an excitement factor if Clinton sought the nomination in 2020.

That is pretty much the way modern America feels about this. I mean, you can go back into our recent history and see it. Harold Stassen was a long-time candidate for president, as was Alf Landon, both of the Republican side, and both big time losers. They became running jokes, not only in the GOP, but also in political circles of both parties. The same will be said about Hillary. She had her chance and she blew it. It wasn’t the Russians, it wasn’t James Comey, it was Hillary Clinton and her campaign team. She was a flawed candidate in 2016 with too much baggage and a campaign team that thought they had the Midwestern “Blue Wall” sewn up, so they didn’t bother to even campaign there once. How wrong they all were!

No, if Hillary were to seek the nomination again, I can almost go out on a limb and tell you that based solely on history, she wouldn’t get it. She would fail because of the fact, neither party likes to nominate losers to run again. That’s the one thing Al Gore got right. Oh, he THOUGHT about running again in 2004, remember? But he chose to sit it out, which was one of the only wise things he’s done in his career. Had he run again, it would have caused more heartache and pain. And quite frankly, who can even be sure that Hillary is going to be in good enough health to run in four years? Rumors abound that she’s suffering from advanced stage Parkinson’s Disease (though her own doctor dismisses that, there are several reputable doctors, who have treated thousands of Parkinson’s patients that say she exhibits all of the symptoms). If that’s the case, it will certainly be very noticeable in four years.

No, Hillary needs to go back to her boxes of wine, and taking hikes on the walking trails in Chappaqua. She needs to realize that you only get one, maybe two shots at the White House, and she’s had hers. And that if she really wants to run again in 2020, she needs to understand there will be more rejection, more pain, more suffering and more heartache…and probably more Donald Trump in the White House after all is said and done!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!