Obama’s Remorse

You see it happen all the time if you are careful and watchful. Someone that is leaving a position that they worked their entire lives to achieve forced to leave for whatever reason…there is a tendency to want to hang on…to over-stay your welcome. And in the end that person becomes remorseful, and leaves the wrong way, rather than the classy way.

That is pretty much what Barack Obama is doing right now. You see this in his actions, you hear it in his voice. He doesn’t want the last eight years of his life to become an asterisk, and yet, there is little he can do to stop it from happening. So, he’s trying very hard in the last few days of his presidency to do something…to do ANYTHING to leave a mark on society that is longer lasting than just an executive order. And so far, he’s become the old high school football star that will relive his perceived glory days for the rest of his life, never looking forward, but looking backwards. It’s so sad (not really!).

He started off by setting all sorts of records in pardons and commutations. He’s well over 1,000 so far, and he’s still going at it. The funny thing is, he hasn’t pardoned Rob Blagojevich, his former governor of Illinois who was found guilty of trying to sell his Senate seat when he moved over to the White House. He also hasn’t pardoned Edward Snowden, the WikiLeaks guy and former NSA whistleblower, now living in exile in Russia. But he’s pardoned every drug dealer he ever knew, and commuted more than one sentence!

He’s also made a nasty name for himself showing Bibi Netanyahu that he was indeed the smaller of the two men, by having the US abstain in the UN vote against Israel when it came to building settlements. It was the old tweak of the Netanyahu nose to say, “See, I can still disrupt what happens in your country”. Just like the bully that he is…until he’s faced with someone who can kick his ass…then he turns and runs.

And now, from Hawaii, he muses that IF he could have run for a third term, he would have won. That’s like me saying IF I would have become a major league baseball player, I would have beaten Barry Bonds’ home run record. We’ll never know because in both situations, it will never happen. IF Bobo had run again, I doubt the GOP would have had Donald Trump as their nominee…and in fact, now that I think about it, I’m not so sure Trump wouldn’t have cleaned Obama’s clock, just like he did Hillary’s!

People like Obama are sad people from the start. Oh, they feign happiness when they get what they want…but only for a short time. They live in the past, not the future, and that’s what most socialists and communists do. They live in the glory days of socialism, not in reality. As they are finding out in Germany with Angela Merkel right now, there are a LOT of problems with being open and being a socialist. It can lead to a huge loss of life when you are fighting an uber-right-wing, 11th century religion!

And Obama will never let go of the past eight years. I can imagine in three years’ time, he’ll be on some street corner, telling people how great a president he was. But the truth is, he has replaced the likes of Millard Fillmore and Jimmy Carter at the bottom of the presidential list. He’s a zero. He’s a nothing. And that’s the way history will remember him!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Remorse

  1. Obama is a gutless coward…….He throws a punch at Israel, then at Russia; while he runs out the door. In 3 weeks he won’t have to answer to any of the repercussions. He thinks he is leaving Trump in a difficult bind…….but both leaders of those countries understand what Obama is doing and what he is. Piss a country off who we are going to want as an ally against ISIS, a terrorist organization Obama might as well had been sleeping with? Where’s the proof they intervened in the election. Share the proof! He says he will but if he really had it, he would have shared it. Gees, the U.S. is one of worse countries about intervening or interfering in other countries elections. HILLARY!! When hasn’t Russia used propaganda to influence an election……just like our wonderful past presidents…..and CIA?

    • Once again, Obama misreads the situation! He thinks he’s leaving Trump a mess to clean up… unfortunately for Bobo, it’s a mess that everyone blames HIM for and not Trump. They know that Trump’s administration will get back to governing the US like it should be, and not this wild west mentality of seeing how socialist we can get. Sorry, Bobo…it didn’t work. It never does.

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