Could California Leave US?

Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency, the uber-left has been in a state of denial, a state of shock. It continues today. Actually, it’s really continuing in California, where the heavy Hispanic population of illegal immigrants who really want to vote and become citizens without any penalty are growing by the day. Now it’s reached the point where there is a group called “Yes, California” that is trying to get Cali to secede from the union.

I say, “GO FOR IT!”

California has become a pit. It’s been the land of fruits and nuts for years, but it’s become this socialist mecca of weird people. And if they don’t want to become a member of the United States anymore I say good riddance! Actually, it would be a boon to the rest of the US if they did in fact leave. You would be taking 55 electoral votes right out from under the Democrats’ to start off with. That would also take about 5 million votes away from Democrats’ campaigns as well, and you’d lose two Democrat seats in the US Senate and 53 in the House of Representatives. Yeah…that so far is a good thing.

There are some negatives. You’d have to have a passport to get to the pier at Long Beach, or San Diego. But you’ve gotta have a passport to pretty much take a cruise anyway these days. You would have to import avocados from a foreign country, but about 35% of our avocados come from Mexico already, so what’s the big deal? And of course, you’d lose out on such things as Napa Valley wine, Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines golf courses, Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and San Francisco.

The mecca for television programming would have to change. Maybe they could move to Reno, Nevada or Yuma, Arizona? Both cities could use the boost in economy! But other than that, I really see no downsides. If California wants to be its own country, I say let them go and let’s get on with life. That would allow Puerto Rico to become the 50th state. Yes, I’m aware they would most likely vote Democrat, but there are a hell of a lot less Puerto Ricans than there are Californians!

Look at it this way…there are all of those “sanctuary cities” in California that are going to be losing all of their federal funding when Trump takes office anyway, and California is already up to its eyeballs in debt because of liberal policies. So, what’s the big deal if we let them go? We’d also get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein! See…there ARE positives to this movement going forward.

So, I say we wave goodbye to California. We let them do their own thing, and say good riddance. The money we’ll save in bailing them out for all of their stupid policies that nobody thought through would be enormous. Maybe we could even set our current president up out there as their new president? Hell, he could serve for the rest of his life! And Hillary could be his Vice President!!!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    If California would leave, the federal budget would improve. US military bases then closed and reposted, an economic loss for California. The fishing industry then foreign, would be sanctioned and tariffs imposed, wrecking California’s economy further. Wildfires requiring federal assistance, then no longer a fiscal burden to the US taxpayers, not to mention, California’s earthquake issues and constant federal bailouts. Speaking of bailouts, the federal food stamps, no more. Federal welfare dollars to California, another savings to the US taxpayers. Hollywood, then a foreign market, would be crippled financially with market losses, as other parts of the nation pick up the slack and improve their economies. Al Gore’s jet with the massive carbon footprint, taxed to death and he would be poking around garage sales for a used girl’s bicycle to ride because he’s too fat to mount a male’s bicycle. California’s gang problems, and narcotics problems, then the burden of California residents and businesses. No water? No problem. If relocating, California citizens would be somewhere in the immigration ratio of whom would be allowed into America, and when they could enter. Don’t forget the green cards, or a jail stay can be expected. The southern border wall, could always be extended to wrap around California, creating more labor jobs for, Americans. California doesn’t have a hair on their ass to see it through. Big talk from a weirdo state.

  2. Speaking as a Californian, coming here from CT for college when I was 19, agree with everything everyone here has said. The anger, which wells up from within, every time I forget my grocery bags in the car (or worse back at the house) now that half the state has decided that due to my unacceptable and clearly unethical and immoral practice of using grocery store bags – that they somehow have the moral authority to impose the violent arm of the state on me to force my submission to their own personal world views, is outrageous. I plan on writing a post about this one thing, and yet that is a grain of sand in the basket of California insanity. We pay the highest taxes in the country (only HI has a higher bracket but there are fewer people in it), we have outrageously oppressive labor laws, out of control home prices, CA has the sixth highest GDP in the world and we spend 16% of our revenue (25% with the Feds stolen and redistributed tax money) on education and yet we rank #46 in the US for education. If that isn’t the sound of a train of hydrogen cars crashing into a dynamite factory next to a nuclear power plant – then I don’t know what it does sound like. We spend another 35% on healthcare, another 18% on pensions and 9% on welfare. So just between pensions, healthcare, welfare and education, that is almost EIGHTY PERCENT of our budget. To be more blunt, 80% of our spending is free school, free healthcare, free retirement and free food and stuff. I pay for my education. I paid for my school. I get nothing free. I have no pensions in my future. Clearly I am on the wrong side of this coin. We have sanctuary cities, overpaid and over-benefited public services – I got a fundraiser card in the mail from the local police force so I looked up their financials. They start new officers at $78K. The average salary is $98K. They can retire at 55 with 90% of their salary – for life. And this is in a small CA town with virtually zero crime. Most of the budgets out here are hanging on by a thread, tied to incredibly optimistic actuarial forecasts about what their investments and revenues will be in the future, not to mention the steady decline year over year of payments into their pension funds, fingers crossed that next year will be better and they can “catch up.” Orange County, one of the last conservative strongholds in CA, and one of the wealthiest, is slowly slipping into the liberal maw as well. It is only a matter of time before the parasitic nature of liberalism starts consuming its own tail. In the end, its the weather that creates such a high tolerance. As I have told many people, if this level of government and taxation and regulation existed in South Dakota, the entire State would be empty by now. While I support CA secession, after which I would request asylum in Arizona due to “political persecution” immediately after, I also like the Six Californias Project ( which started back when Obama won. If the liberal and conservative areas could just go their own way, it would be easier for everyone involved. They can have whatever the hell it is THEY want, without taking it from us. And we get to keep our stuff. Probably why the liberals never talk about the Six CA Project.

  3. Well Desert, this nonsense comes up every once in a while, mostly with southern States. Guess they are still fighting the civil war with great grandpa up in the attic wearing the old Confederate general uniform from his grandpappy.

    Actually Texas is the State that is always threatening to leave. My personal position is that if there is anything I do to hasten their exit, call me.

    Hard to believe that Brittius has his facts wrong. California is not a drag on the taxpayers, southern States are, they receive more from the Feds than they pay. So if you are looking for leeches on the taxpayers, look no further than the deep red south.

    California being the most populous provides the most in taxes, so kiss that good bye. Then there are the defense industries, Hollywood which films everywhere in the U.S., bye bye. But this is all an exercise in mental gymnastics so I’m not worried

    • Actually, California IS a drag on taxpayers, and is terribly set to go bankrupt. Oh, and the move to have Cali secede? It’s being done from INSIDE California. I suggest you really research this before you make a fool of yourself!

  4. Desert, how is California a drag on taxpayers? BTW California has a $2.4 Billion cash surplus, you should do your research.

    Wow, AWC sounds like a cranky old person. So you don’t have a pension, maybe you should find a position that has one. If you are in private industry that offers no pension, that’s not California’s fault. BTW, if your life is so miserable there, why have you not moved? Your condition is not California’s fault, it’s yours and it’s called personal responsibility, something conservatives want others to have but not themselves. Why is that?,

    • Snarky, are you getting conservative in your old age? Yes…California IS a drag on the taxpayers! And if you look into the unfunded pension fund for the California State Teachers’ Association, as well as a few other of their AFSCME unions, you’ll see that they do NOT have an cash surplus…they haven’t for decades!

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