Is 2017 The End Of The Line For UN?

Personally, I think the United Nations stepped in a big pile of steaming dog excrement when they decided to put forth that motion condemning Israel for building settlements, and they can thank Barack Obama for the consequences that may be coming very, very soon.

When the United States, or I should say, when Barack Obama and his cronies turned their back on Israel because of a personal feud that Bobo has with Bibi Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, it caused a major backlash in this country. Whether or not you’re religious doesn’t matter, there are more Jews in the United States than any other country in the world, depending on which source you view, that could include Israel. So, for the US to turn its back on over 7 million Jews (there are 14.2 million in the world, and 13 million of them live in either the US or Israel), isn’t going to sit well.

What would be the consequences? Well, Donald Trump and members of both parties in congress have already called for action. The congress is drafting legislation which would ban the US from paying any more money to the UN until the resolution is rescinded. Donald Trump has hinted that the UN building, which sits next to the East River, would make great condos. Does that mean that Trump might be preparing to kick the UN out of the US? Conservatives have been asking for that to happen for decades!

The United Nations started out with a very noble goal, to stop world war from ever occurring again. It was felt back in the 1940’s that if countries had a place to discuss their differences and settle them through words rather than war, there’d be no use for war. Of course, we haven’t had a “world” war since then, but the world hasn’t had much peace since then either. And today, the UN is nothing but a bunch of leftist thugs that try to stick it to Israel and the United States every chance they get.

The fact is, the United States provides the UN with about 22% of its operating expenses. That’s a pretty big chunk of change. And the US also is the home of the UN. So, let’s ask the question that if the US gets pissed enough, and decides to a) not pay any more money to the UN and b) tell the UN they have one year to find a new home, what happens to it? Does it end up in Somalia or Argentina? And if so, what exactly happens to it in terms of viability? It most assuredly loses a lot of its members and becomes a morose organization with no more power. And it’s high time that happened.

The United Nations needs to go back to what it once was. It needs to be a place for the nations to come together to discuss their differences peacefully. It can’t survive much longer as a stomping ground for capitalist societies and Christian/Judeo countries. In fact, with the latest swing to the right in this country, which we foresaw here well over a year ago, losing the UN is something that would probably be very welcome.

And when that happens, the folks at the UN can join the folks in the US when they leave the United States forever and say, “Thanks Obama!”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!