Dem’s Only Hope For 2018?

Howard Dean, the one-time head of the Democrat National Committee, and screaming idiot after winning the Iowa Caucus a few years back, has come out with the statement that the Democrats’ hope is that Trump’s erratic behavior is going to “scare the hell out of a lot of people that voted for him”. And actually, the former governor has a point. I believe, yes, it COULD happen.

Or it could just be the opposite. Trump could end up doing exactly what the people of the United States wanted him to do by electing him, and he could end up another Ronald Reagan, and getting the mantle of being a “hero of the people”, like Reagan did.

Let’s face it…Trump IS bombastic. He shoots before he aims a lot of times, and in the game of upper-level politics, that can be fatal. It can also be refreshing. It can also change the game if the guy knows what he’s doing. Trump has proven in business, he does know what he’s doing. Anybody that disagrees with that is a better billionaire than Trump is, but probably doesn’t know anything about business. But in the same breath, everything I’ve seen so far from Donald Trump is that he is doing pretty much exactly as he said he was doing, and it’s showing up in all the right places. The stock market is up, the confidence level of Americans is higher than at any time since 2001, and Donald Trump has pretty much made the last two months of the Obama administration obsolete, and Bobo knows it. That’s why he pulled the stunt at the UN, and that’s why he’s doing anything he can do to try and get noticed in the final three weeks in office.

If Donald Trump is able to save jobs from fleeing overseas, and can spur an economy without an eight trillion dollar increase in the federal debt like Obama has done, he will be successful. If he’s able to dismantle a terribly flawed idea like Obamacare, and replace it with something that is market-driven, fair to consumers, and affordable, he will guarantee a re-election. If he can build a wall at the southern US border with Mexico and stem the tide of illegal aliens, only 52% of whom by the way, are Mexican, then he has instituted monumental change. And if he can solve the illegal immigration problem in this country by kicking out once and for all people that don’t belong here, at least the ones with a criminal record, then the people that are allowed to stay, will remember that at election time.

Howard Dean is right if Trump fails. It’s the only chance the Democrats have at surviving the House and Senate elections in two years. If Trump pulls an Obama and does something stupid, like Obama did in his first two years in office, then yes, Howard is exactly right. The people that voted for Donald Trump will leave him in droves. But if he succeeds in any of the things I’ve mentioned. If he makes “America great again”, if he provides REAL “hope & change”, not just Obama hope & change, he will be tough to beat in 2020, and the Democrats will have to get very good at being a minority party!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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