Obama Scandal Free???

According to the New York Post, on CNN on Sunday, Obama confidant, Valerie Jarrett said that the Obama administration did nothing to embarrass himself, and unlike other administrations before him, Obama’s tenure was “scandal free”. No…you aren’t on a post-New Year’s hangover or 1970’s drug trip. That is what Valerie Jarrett said.

Frankly, I don’t have the slightest clue what this political wannabe hack is doing talking about anything. She’s not elected, she’s not important, and she’s soon to be unemployed. Oh, I know she’s a big friend of Bobo and Michelle, and she’s the one that introduced them to each other, but she’s still a bumbling idiot when it comes to understanding politics.

And if she was actually serious in saying that Obama was “scandal free”, she is not only an idiot, but a very ignorant idiot as well. My question would be, What about the Obamacare rollout? What about Benghazi? What about the IRS Scandal, targeting conservative groups? What about the continued (decades long, and multi-administration) scandal involving the VA that Obama “promised to fix”? What about the Justice Department and their MANY scandals? I think James Rosen and the Associated Press would think that they were the targets of scandals. What about the racist, Eric Holder and his scandal with being in contempt of congress (the first sitting AG to be so named). What about the scandal involving the current AG, Loretta Lynch meeting with former president Bill Clinton on a tarmac here in Phoenix, just a few scant weeks before the FBI decides not to recommend indictment for Hillary on her email scandals? What about the pay-to-play scandal that was brewing at Foggy Bottom the first four years of his presidency?

Apparently, Valerie Jarrett forgot about those things, and those are just the scandals that popped in to my mind early this morning off the cuff. I bet if I actually thought about it, I could add a dozen more.

Scandal free? Let’s correct what she was saying to be a little more accurate. How about, “the most scandal ridden president in history”. How about “makes Watergate look like a high school prank”. How about “makes the corruption of the Grant and Jackson administrations look like something out of Dora The Explorer. When it comes to scandals, this guy OWNED the word. Scandal free? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

In fact, this is very much like saying that Barack Obama has a positive legacy. I know he’s out there getting ready with some “farewell address” (like he was George Washington? and the country is going to somehow miss him?), but in all honesty, he has no legacy. All he has is wave after wave of mis-steps, gaffes, missed opportunities to lead, and scandal. And he has plenty of scandal. No, Barack Obama has been an embarrassment to this country for the past eight years. He is ready to leave, and like Jimmy Carter before him, he’s searching for something…for ANYTHING that he can hang his hat on to build his presidential library around. I do have a suggestion on that…

Make your library a replica of one of the golf courses you loved to play. Post all of your scorecards for the world to see. Other than that, maybe a basketball hoop? That’s about all your presidency is going to end up meaning.

RIP Obama…we’re done with you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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