What WERE They Thinking?

Monday night, while most of us were watching the Sugar Bowl on ESPN, the Republicans in congress decided to pull a bonehead move of the ultimate degree. While meeting to get the jump on Tuesday’s opening session, by writing their package of rules, the GOP led majority decided it would be a good thing to actually dissolve the Congressional Ethics Office, in lieu of a panel of three Republicans and three Democrats who could decide the fate of their colleagues that had stepped in dog doo-doo.

What a bonehead move!

I really am embarrassed to have to write this piece after learning that. Here is a group that prided itself on being the group the “people wanted in charge to drain the swamp”, and they are filling the swamp faster than any sump pump in the world could drain it! What idiot thought that by making something like an ethics investigatory group MORE partisan would be a good idea? Don’t we already have enough crooks in Washington without having to have the crooks tell other crooks that they are crooked? Since when in the span of human history has that actually worked?

Thank God that Donald Trump stepped in! At least Trump showed some class and some ethics himself by tweeting to the world that the GOP was about to foist this miserable attempt at partisanship on the rest of the country. Of course, it stopped everything right there, dead in its tracks. Thank you Donald for the tweet! At least there appears to be ONE decent person in DC so far.

I can’t believe the litany of congressmen that stepped forward after this was announced to say that they voted against it. It was a wonder the thing passed (and it did with 239 votes) in the first place! Democrats were rightfully screaming at this monstrosity. It really makes one wonder if I have voted for the right guy to once again, sit in the House of Representatives, or if I should have “term limited” him like his GOP primary opponent had said! And I’m not 100% how he voted on this issue. I can only hope that he was one of the millions that came out of that meeting and denounced it.

No, if congress is going to get off to this rocky of a start, maybe we DO need to think about throwing both the Republicans and the Democrats out to sea and start two new parties. I’m totally sickened that ANY party would even consider doing something as stupid, insipid, and downright amoral as this. And the rest of America should be too!

Do yourselves a favor. Find out if you have a GOP Rep in DC, if he or she voted for this. If they did, let them know you’re going to campaign against them in two years and fight until they are out of office. We don’t need garbage like this representing us, and I don’t care what side of the aisle they are from!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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