John Kerry’s Comments On Israel and UN…Who Really Cares?

Can we be really honest and open with each other for just a minute, please!? I mean, I have had emails, comments, phone calls, etcetera, from all sorts of people asking why I haven’t berated Secretary of State John Kerry over his ludicrous speech at Foggy Bottom last week explaining why the US decided to forego vetoing the UN Resolution against Israel building settlements in East Jerusalem, and elsewhere in their country. OK…I didn’t do it because frankly, John Kerry doesn’t matter. He’s a ghost. He’s toast. He could be a roast. But he’s certainly not the most. Let’s get into it.

First of all, the whole UN Resolution thing is a personal vendetta that Obama has against Benjamin Netanyahu. That is the whole reason for it. There is no other explanation. Oh, I’ve heard the White House explanation that it’s because the official Obama policy has always been against building settlements. You believe that? You think the guy has had eight years to slap down Israel for building settlements and he waits until he has three weeks left in office before he does it? C’mon. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

As far as John Kerry is concerned, yes, I hear the left saying how magnanimous the guy is, how he’s served his country his entire life and wow, he’s even a Vietnam Veteran hero! Sorry, not impressed. John Kerry is a loser. He could only get voted in to the US Senate in one, maybe two states in the country, and he chose Massachusetts because they are the most liberal state in the union. Other than that, the guy has been a total loser his entire life. He married into money, it’s the only way he has any. And he has screwed up every time he tried something.

He lost to George W. Bush (thank you, Ohio!) in 2004 when he ran for president. He hasn’t had ANY success as Secretary of State, following very nicely on Hillary Clinton’s tenure in that office. And in the meantime, he’s thrown away any superiority the US had over Iran in negotiating what has been called the “worst foreign policy deal in US history”. And he said he’d walk away from a bad deal. Apparently, he’s not smart enough to understand the meaning of the word “bad”. He’s totally screwed up the United States’ position in Syria, to the point that when the rebels and the Syrian government were ready to sit down and discuss an end to the civil war there, they didn’t even let Kerry know it was happening. They called Vladimir Putin to set up and mediate it. Kerry found out six days before the meeting was to take place, and wondered why he didn’t get invited. It’s because they wanted to have success, John. They didn’t want you screwing things up!

And so we come to the UN Resolution. And John Kerry, who doesn’t amount to a flea on an elephant, tells Israel that they can be Democratic or they can be Jewish, but they can’t be both! And of course, he gets scorn from the right, he gets scorn from the left. He gets chastised by Britain, and France. His speech, which is supposed to set him up for the next big thing in his life, is totally trashed by every single mainstream media outlet as a disgrace and very, very weak. And they’ve just described John Kerry.

And THAT is why I really didn’t want to write this piece. Sometimes you’re better off not calling attention to a flea. You just let it die on its own. Bye, John!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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