Obama Medal Belongs With Kerry’s Old Medals!

In the height of egotism, Barack Obama awarded himself the Department of Defense’s Medal for Distinguished Public Service. Obama made Defense Secretary, Ash Carter present him with the medal at a military farewell speech given in Virginia.

Now, the question is why get the Defense Department medal in the first place? What has Obama done with our nation’s defenses that would warrant a medal to be pinned on his chest? How many wars has he won? He totally blew Iraq out of the water by pulling troops out of Iraq WAY too early. He announced he was going to leave Afghanistan, giving the date ahead of the departure so that the terrorists who we were fighting there could wait us out. He had to go back to Iraq in order to fight ISIS. He totally screwed up by not doing anything in Syria, after he promised Bashar al Assad that if he used chemical weapons, he’d “cross a line in the sand”. It turned out it was a line Obama erased with his feet.

Hmm…let’s see…he allowed Russia to take over Crimea with not so much as a slap on the Russian Ambassador’s wrist. As Russian troops looked to take over Eastern Ukraine, Obama turned the other cheek, not wanting to upset his buddy, Vladimir Putin. He acquiesced to the Chinese on several fronts, including not punishing them when they hacked 21.5 million names from the Office of Management and Budget. And his victories…let’s list those shall we?

(insert cricket chirping noise here)

Yeah…that’s what I thought. So, WHY would a failure as a commander-in-chief, someone that had such poor military leadership want to award himself the highest award the Defense Department can give? Could it be that Obama has already been laying out the plans for his Presidential Library, and realized that the space that is being allocated to him is much too big for the items he has to put in it? Oh, he’s got the Nobel Prize he won because….um….er….uh….because he was America’s first black president. I guess that was it, right? And he’s got his old set of golf clubs, which have to be as worn as mine are, because he’s played more golf than I have over the last eight years! And he’s got the basketball he used to play hoops with on election days past. Other than that, what’s he got?

So, he needed something to put in the library. He needs some other stuff too, so it’s just a hunch, but I’m thinking he’s going to go to all of his Cabinet posts and have them award him medals too. Then he can get a dozen meaningless medals to go along with golf clubs, scorecards, and basketballs. That’d be enough right?

Or maybe he is going to use them and wait a year and sell them on EBay. You know, that neighborhood he’s moving into in DC is pretty pricey, and it carries a rather hefty mortgage! And the Obama’s were never wealthy people! I mean, Ivanka Trump and her husband are going to be living two blocks away, so it IS a rather tony neighborhood, right?

Either way, Obama giving himself a medal is one of the biggest ego moves in presidential history. He ranks up there with Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro in brashness…which probably makes him feel pretty good!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Obama Medal Belongs With Kerry’s Old Medals!

  1. Well Desert, I have waited along time to say this but you and your unwashed masses have been suckered and I don’t mean by the Orange peel, which will happen repeatedly after 1/20/16. This story about Obama awarding himself a medal is a GIANT FUCKING FAKE! Yes boys and girls you got suckered by a fake news story like the one about Obama signing an executive order outlawing the Pledge of Allegiance. This has been proven false by numerous outlets and only Infowars, WND and Breitbart seem to have trouble grasping reality. So rant afterward is just verbal incontinence.


    • Actually, you probably need to tell it to NBC News…which is where I saw it, as well as MSNBC (they fall for FAKE NEWS THERE???) Also explain how he could be addressing the military group after in MULTIPLE newscasts wearing a medal on his left breast pocket. Suckers? I think you are only wishing…

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