Taking WHOSE Jobs?

I applaud Donald Trump for doing more the United States economy two weeks before he even takes office than Barack Obama has done in eight years. See, Obama takes credit for jobs HE didn’t create. He takes credit for jobs private businesses created. Donald Trump meanwhile has actually SAVED jobs heading to foreign countries in three separate instances, and given places like Buffalo, New York a boost in their local economy by shifting jobs heading overseas to their neck of the woods.

What Obama wants to take credit for are private industry jobs that he had nothing to do with. They are jobs that should have been created long ago except for the fact that Obama’s reckless and irresponsible fiscal measures prolonged a recession from what should have been 8-12 months into eight years. And though he will never admit it (because he doesn’t admit mistakes), he is the one to blame for the sluggish economy.

But all the while Obama was taking credit for jobs, there was a steady drip, drip, drip. It was jobs heading overseas. Why? It’s a simple reason that any third grader could tell you. When it’s cheaper to produce goods overseas, when labor costs are less with no threat of union strikes, and when corporate taxes are a third what they are in this country, it just makes sense. And as Obama was claiming that HE created 2.5 million jobs over the past eight years, he lost about 4.5 million jobs that were outsourced overseas because of the reasons shown above. That by the way boys and girls, is a net LOSS of 2.0 million jobs, not a 2.5 million job gain.

So, along comes Trump, saving 700 jobs (and re-tooling an existing plant to the tune of $700 million) from Ford alone. Those were jobs heading to Mexico. And Mexico is up in arms. Why? They say because THEY lost 700 jobs! Those jobs were THEIRS. Sorry Mexico. Those jobs were Ford’s…and they were US jobs that you were trying to steal. You have no reason to be upset because Ford realizes what’s going to happen if they ship jobs to Mexico to make cars that could have been made here!

The Mexican economy is apparently in a tail-spin, partly because of it. Ford’s plant that they were going to build in Mexico would have employed 3,600 construction and auto workers and cost the automaker $1.6 billion. Instead, by staying in this country, Ford saves $900 million, and doesn’t have to hire 2,900 workers! Where does that make bad sense from Ford’s position?

Add to that little blip the fact that Mexico is currently undergoing riots and protests because of a rather large hike in the price of their gasoline as of January 1st, and you’ve got a problem down south of the border. The Ford pullout, coupled with the economic impact of a gasoline price increase has apparently caused the Mexican economy to slow by 1%, which would tell some that actually know something about economics, that their economy wasn’t that strong to begin with.

In the end, Mexico doesn’t lose jobs and car plants. They can’t lose what they never had. In the end, a US company makes a smart decision to stay at home and make cars here…where their workers are, where they live…where they pay taxes! What’s so wrong with that?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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