The REAL End Of Obamacare

Liberals are besides themselves about now because of the demise of Obamacare, but can we agree on one thing here? Obamacare was NEVER going to survive 2017. It was never MEANT to survive 2017. It was meant to get Obama out of office, and let Hillary Clinton replace it with single payer health care run by the government…full-on, socialized medicine. THAT was the plan.

Until Hillary Clinton screwed it up by getting shellacked in the election!

Now, Obama is watching his top domestic legacy item wither away to nothing on its own. It doesn’t need Republican help (though it’s going to get a nice shove in the right direction). Obamacare needs a massive infusion of cash just to survive the year. Anyone that is on it needs to be aware of that. It was never going to make it through 2017 without that transfusion, and with the GOP holding down the fort in both houses of congress, that wasn’t going to happen. No, Obamacare was going to die a slow and painful death. What the GOP is doing, is speeding up the prognosis a bit.

Now, Democrats are all besides themselves because their mantra is, “once you give the public something free, you can never take it away.” And that usually holds true…because the public usually likes what they are being given. That isn’t the case with Obamacare. The public has never bought into this scam. Like most scams thrown up by liberals it’s an incrementalization of health care. They knew it would never sell if they went directly to socialized medicine. It was just like the seat belt laws. Remember those laws? At first, automakers put seat belts in cars, but they were there only as a convenience, a safety factor. Oh, we’ll never pass a law saying you HAVE to wear them. Then they passed a law saying you had to wear them, but you could only be ticketed if you got pulled over for something else. Then it was that these were such a great tool for safety that you could get pulled over for not wearing it! Same thing for healthcare folks. Obamacare first, and when it failed, the liberals felt they couldn’t leave all of those poor people who were without healthcare before (which isn’t the 20 million they say it is…it’s closer to 2 million), and so we need to do something!

It failed, and what really failed was the Democrats’ ability to hold on to government. That and the fact the GOP would never allow another penny to be flushed down the toilet with it. So, when Donald Trump won the White House, the fate was sealed. But in actuality, it was sealed long ago. Once Bobo was out of office, it would die and be rescued by the next Democrat in the White House. And yes, it would have cost America trillions of dollars. It was a money pit and a rat hole. And the only way the government should have gotten involved in something that should have been a private business solution was to hold a consortium to find out what business felt should have been done. Anytime government gets involved in anything that can be done in the private sector, it ALWAYS screws it up!

Americans need to learn this lesson, and apply it to government. The sooner we all do it, the wealthier we will all be. And we won’t be sending another three trillion dollars down the rat hole. Thanks Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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