Don’t Let The Door Hit You…

Barack Obama gave his “farewell speech” to the nation last evening. In a speech that was nothing more than a final victory lap of the guy that finished last in the race, he managed to do several things, none of which I’m sure were intended.

Before I go on much farther, let me disclose one thing. I didn’t watch the speech. I had something more important to do. I was mating socks, or washing my hair, or probably sorting a deck of cards. So, I’m not going to necessarily get into the actual speech, because a) I didn’t hear it first hand, and I didn’t watch clips of it and b) I don’t care what the guy has to say.

The speech DID set a record. It was longer than the farewell speeches of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush combined. The one thing Bobo has failed to learn in eight years in the Oval Office is that brevity is the key of wit. While he droned on for just short of an hour, patting himself on the back no less than 75 times, and tearing up during his tribute to Michelle Ma Belle, she of the “junk in the trunk” fame, (all of which were incidents that I read about, but again, did not watch), he failed to realize the most important aspect of his speech.

Nobody gives a damn about him anymore.

Yes, he’s still president for another 9 days and 3 hours as I write this, but it doesn’t matter. He’s a ghost. He’s a has-been. He’s like those people in that PSA deriding Donald Trump or asking the Electoral College voters not to vote for trump. He no longer has a voice. And thus, the farewell speech in a large hall, where they handed out tickets to the public (which had never been done before either). So, Obama has said goodbye. That is the good news. We now can wave at him next Friday, and hope he stays behind the newly built wall of his Washington home. He doesn’t figure into anything anymore. Oh, I know Donald Trump SAYS he’s going to call on Obama for advice. Do you really believe that? Trump has surrounded himself with some of the best cabinet choices that presidents have made in the last 75 years, and he doesn’t need a stumbling, bumbling idiot who had no leadership skills, no discernable positive qualities, and no realization of what constitutional law is. For a person as smart as Obama supposedly is, and I’m guessing he’s smart, he really is ignorant…which is entirely different than being stupid.

No, Obama is history. His presidency’s history will not be swayed or written by him. I will tell you this about what I’ve learned about presidents and what history says about them. If they were popular when they left office, they were generally, not entirely, but generally regarded as less than effective. If a president was unpopular when they left office, history generally regards them as having been a good president. Obama’s popularity numbers are at 53% approval. That should say enough.

Bye-bye, Bobo. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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