Obama Rated On Blacks

So, as America’s first black president, you would have assumed Barack Obama would have done everything he could to have made the lives of blacks better in the country. Did he succeed? Let’s take a look at how one organization rated him:

Economic Development of Urban Centers: The Obama Administration did not advance a comprehensive urban policy to strategically target federal resources to address urban economic distress, which is most often reflected in inequality in employment, income, wealth, housing and most other measures of social well-being.
Plan for Rural Development: While initially applying Rep. Jim Clyburn’s 10-20-30 plan to three rural development investment programs in the Recovery Act in 2009, the President missed a key opportunity to take advantage of bipartisan support for this concept to improve upon the plan, so that it would target more federal resources to communities grappling with persistent poverty in urban as well as rural communities, rather than only counties.
Appointment of an African American to the Supreme Court: The President had three opportunities to nominate the first African American woman to the U.S. Supreme Court, but failed to do so for each vacancy.
Urban Gun Violence: While the President took his own actions to address gun violence announced in an impassioned January 5, 2016 speech, he did not advance a federal response to the fatal gun violence in Chicago. It was a missed opportunity to use his platform on this most critical issue that has implications for all urban communities.
Expansion of a Higher Education Agenda: The Administration missed opportunities to drive a more expansive higher education agenda that creates a wholistic approach to college access, affordability and completion for both traditional and non-traditional students.
ACA Rollout: The rollout and subsequent messaging for the Affordable Care Act hobbled its ability to be even more impactful. Most Americans still do not understand the key reforms of the health care bill and how it benefits them.
Rate of Bank Closures In Poorer Neighborhoods: More than 98% of the banks that closed during the crisis were in low-income neighborhoods.
Relief for Serious Delinquent & Underwater Homeowners: Underwater and seriously delinquent homeowners were not given opportunities of principal forgiveness.
Number of SBA Backed Loans and Minority Inclusion: African American small business owners only received less than 2% of the loans backed by SBA, since FY 2013.
Broadband Connectivity: Ten percent of all Americans—roughly 34 million people—still lack access to broadband speeds of 25 Mbps, speeds necessary for households to stream high quality video, use multiple devices over the connection, and generally enjoy the full value the internet has to offer.

Now, before you think this was Fox News or some right-wing group giving these ratings, which by the way were quoted verbatim…you need to realize this was the National Urban League’s ratings of Obama.

Yeah…we thought so!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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