Doing Trump’s Job For Him

The air is so much clearer and most people think a whole lot better in the desert. We just seem to have a more simpler and more sane way of looking at things. So, with that in mind, I’m going to make it easy on Donald Trump and give him the solutions to some pressing issues he faces in a couple of weeks.

OBAMACARE: There have been all sorts of rumors about dumping all of it, or keeping just the pre-existing conditions and 26 year old clause, or keeping most of it and dropping the individual mandate. Here’s what needs to happen. On January 21st, you announce that Obamacare is history. Current enrollees who have already signed up stay signed up. If they choose to drop out (like about 45% of those that sign up do), there is no penalty. If you haven’t signed up and don’t want to, you don’t have to. Insurance companies will be told no later than March 31st what the new rules are from Congress, but they will include tax credits instead of subsidies. They will include the ability to buy insurance across state lines (you need to be able to be licensed in the state(s) you’re interested in. And they will be portable and cost effective, meaning you aren’t going to have to get new insurance when you get a new job, you keep what you currently have, and costs will be capped at a certain percentage per year for an increase. All NEW provisions and policies must be ready to roll out on October 1st, for 2018.

IMMIGRATION: There has been a lot of back and forth about immigration. Democrats want the votes of the illegals, Republicans want the cheap labor. Here is the solution. First, build the wall. There will be a one-mile buffer with guard towers every so often, and they will be manned 24-7, with orders to shoot to kill. Now, that seems harsh, I get it. But after the first week or so, there won’t be any shooting. People will understand we are serious. Current illegals will be able to remain in the US (it’s WAY too expensive to deport them all!), IF they haven’t ever committed a crime; IF they pay a $50,000 fine to the government; IF the learn English and become fluent in it; and IF they perform one month of community service for every year they’ve been in the US illegally, and they have to be able to prove when they came in (which they probably won’t be able to do). If they can’t prove it, they’ll do five years community service, or a five year stint in the US armed forces. After that, they can apply to become citizens with certain exceptions. They can NEVER receive food stamps. They can NEVER receive any sort of welfare, social security, or Medicare/Medicaid, and they can NEVER vote. If they EVER try to receive any governmental assistance illegally, they will immediately be deported, never to return. If they do return, we have a nice fenced in facility in southern New Mexico where they can live in tents for 10 years. Oh, on Sanctuary Cities? Easy…their STATES are denied any federal funding as long as they exist. That alone could take care of the federal debt in 10 years! And we can say goodbye to Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, and California!

EXECUTIVE ACTIONS: On January 22nd, take a pen and spend the day undoing all (or at least most) of Obama’s executive actions. This would include the Iran Nuclear Deal, all of the stupid little liberal crap he couldn’t get through congress and tried to do himself, and basically, all EPA regulations for the past eight years. If there is time…start unraveling the millions of pages of additional regulations that serve no purpose but to limit freedom, grab power, and cost the US taxpayers money. As Obama had a “regulation czar” to write the regulations, I would employ someone of equal stature to dismantle them. Get congress’ approval before-hand, so you don’t run into problems with the Supreme Court (you’ll own them in a few months anyway), and then tear apart the meaningless gobbledy-gook that Obama threw at the American people. As a further note, have congress pass a law that ALL regulations MUST be approved by congress before being implemented. They are, after all, the legislative branch, not the various agencies and administrators.

Well, that’s a good start. That will probably keep Trump busy for a few weeks. And of course, that will all guarantee a landslide victory in 2020.

Happy New Year, and…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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