Lewis Is WAY Out Of Line

From where I sit, some 2,344 miles from the US Capitol building, Georgia Representative John Lewis is dead wrong. Period. His incendiary comments made over the weekend have fanned flames of racist proportions and have drawn into question the positive actions he took in the fight for civil rights some fifty years ago.

In case you have a life and were out living it this weekend, Lewis told a reporter that Donald Trump was “an illegitimate president”. That of course, sparked a response from Trump saying that Lewis should “finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities of the US. I can use all the help I can get”. And he’s right. This is the biggest problems Democrats have. They are hell-bent on trying to delegitimizing a presidency because they can’t believe their extremely flawed candidate lost. And John Lewis’ insensitive and racist remarks prove one thing…racism goes both ways, and this time, as in Eric Holder’s case, it is not the white that is racist at the black, it’s the other way around.

John Lewis has become an embarrassment to America. He has become an embarrassment to himself, and to his party. Comments like that do nothing to “bring America together”. All it shows is, he’s a sore loser that can’t take defeat. Well, John, you apparently either lost the balls you had fifty years ago when you stood up for “bringing America together”, or you never really believed in it in the first place. My question to you is, which is it? Were you just another Jesse Jackson type that feigned civil rights in order to become famous? Or did you really believe in the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, whose birthday is being celebrated today?

This is the one thing that grinds me to the core. The attitude of whites over the past fifty years have changed remarkably toward race. Whites are more accepting of people of color than ever before. Yet it’s some blacks (far from all or even a majority) that have become the racists. People like Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Charlie Rangel, and John Lewis have shown their true colors to the world. They don’t want to bring America together. They want to divide and conquer. And that’s all John Lewis wants to do. Trump isn’t his a “legitimate president”? Really? Then explain to me, John, in your pompous ass way, why it is Donald Trump and NOT Hillary Clinton will be taking the oath of office on Friday. There wasn’t any cheating that went on, every person in both parties agrees to that, so it wasn’t fraud that elected Donald Trump.

Are you saying John, that the Russians released documents to WikiLeaks (who has denied it was the Russians) that showed the truth about Hillary Clinton? Are you saying that you wanted to hide the deeds she did leading up to the election, and while she was a government servant of the people of this country in the position of Secretary of State? And if so, wouldn’t THAT have been a “delegitimized” president, because she fraudulently got the nomination, and fraudulently would have gotten the election without the truth being known? Is that what you’re trying to say, John?

John Lewis should probably go back to Georgia, if they’d take him. He has no business being in Washington, DC. He’s part of what we need to drain. He’s not smart enough to be a representative of anybody in this country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Lewis Is WAY Out Of Line

  1. Lewis, is an illegitimate human being. My oldest granddaughter is upset because blacks in school are calling whites, “racist”, and threatening them with violence. I had no other option to do what I did not want to do, namely, I had a very open discussion teaching her of the dangers of blacks. I use the “N” word, that upsets some. The apes are causing a split between young people, and I hope it takes root. Lewis the monkey, is part of it. Whatever he did with MLK, he flushed down the toilet.

      • It’s like, for the love of “free stuff”, they willingly rolled back one-hundred years of what they endured.
        Babies, will want that sweet teat and not want solid food, until they have no other choice but to accept, solid foods.

  2. Makes me sick to hear even some conservatives saying John Lewis is an iconic man who is valuable to America because he got hit in the head with a rock 50 years ago, and his work on civil rights. John Lewis doesn’t mean shit to America. He’s as racist as Marc Lamont Shill, who calls Trump-supporting blacks “mediocre negroes.”

    • I put him in the same class as Jesse Jackson…a civil rights wannabe that will never amount to a hill of beans. Maybe that rock wasn’t thrown hard enough??? Just sayin’!

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